Saturday, March 28, 2009

More Saturday Submissions: Sharon Style

A bunch of stamping magazine are getting ready for their Fall issues at the moment.

Stamp & Scrap Arts, Take Ten Autumn 09, and Somerset Studio September/October are all getting ready to adore Autumn while we are just seeing the first signs of Spring.

Don't forget that members of our companion Yahoo Group can see these editorial calendar dates on our calendar and get reminders as deadlines get closer.

This month, I decided to get out some of my cards from last Fall and send them in! To me, it is almost more of an achievement to actual mail the submissions than to get in the magazine as the obstacles of daily life make it difficult for me to get that envelope in the mail on time!

Here's some of the cards that I might send:




Have a fabulous weekend! I am off to the post office!

1 comment:

  1. Stunning creations Shar!! What a fabulous blog you've started up here!! I'll be lurking around!! :) Thanks for telling me about it!!


Thanks for your wonderful words!

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