Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Redhead Review: Dreamweaver

Stencils and Embossing Paste

In January, Ali and I took a road trip to a couple stamp stores around our area of Massachusetts. One of them, Scrapbook Cupboard, was having a demonstration of Dreamweaver Embossing Paste. I have to admit, I have had a tub of paste and a stencil for a couple of years, but I had not been brave enough to try it. After watching the demonstrator's great presentation, I was sold. Even I could make this stuff work! Whoohoo!

So, today, I thought I would try it out on my own, without guidance to see if I could make at least a couple of decent looking cards.

The first project I tried was a negative stencil where the image is defined by what is not covered by the paste. I decided to use a wonderful stencil called "Bare Trees". I wanted something that was Spring-themed so I decided to keep the trunks, which were covered by the stencil, white. I wanted to give a warm feeling so I picked the Gold Embossing Paste for the "sky".

To start, I affixed my paper to my scrap paper with Post-It Labeling and Cover-Up Tape which allowed me to leave a white "frame" around the edge of the card which would not be embossed. I then taped down the stencil over top so that it would not move.

I used a palatte knife to apply the paste making sure to keep moving in the same direction over the stencil. When I felt it was "filled", I went back over the stencil in the opposite direction to remove the excess.

Once I had finished, I removed the stencil and put it and the palette knife into water so that I could move on to another project without stopping to clean up. As the embossing paste does set in approximately 20 minutes, it is important to either clean your tools and stencils right away or leave them in water to prevent the paste setting permanently on them. Can you see where I was a little hasty separating the stencil from the project?

I waited an hour to make sure that the paste had hardened completely. I wanted to try out Flower Soft too so I figured why not go big and try two new things in one day!

I covered the tops of the trees with Flower Soft Glue and tried to make the application a little random so that it seemed more natural. I then sprinkled on the Flower Soft and tapped off the excess.

I let all this dry a bit longer and then added the Spring sentiment and a ribbon.

I mounted the finished panel on a Pretty in Pink cardstock base. The whole thing took about 10 to 15 minutes of actual time, excluding drying time. Fantastic!

Spring Trees
Spring sentiment (Stampin Up)
Cardstock: Pretty in Pink and Whisper White (Stampin Up)
Ink: Tuxedo Black (Memento)
Other: Gold embossing paste (Dreamweaver); Baby Pink (Flower Soft)
Tools: Bare Trees stencil (Dreamweaver); oval and oval scallop punch (Marvy Uchida)

I guess I was in a tree mood as I decided to go for another barked buddy. I had seen many sample cards of Dreamweaver designs on black paper so I decided to do a copper creation using the Dreamweaver Tree of Life stencil.

I used the same steps. 1) Tape paper down. 2) Tape stencil down. 3) Apply paste. 4) Remove excess paste. 5) Remove stencil. 6) Clean stencil. 7) Let dry.

Here again, I noted that I would have to practice removing the stencil from the project. I only had one area that concerned me. This is what my "oops" looked like. Okay, it was more of an ugh.

I used my Crop-a-dile to add a copper eyelet to the middle of a flower. Flowers are my favorite "ugh" cover-up devices.

I added a strip of cream below the black panel to tie into the color of the flower. I added a sentiment from my Bluebird set from Artistic Outpost.

Here's the final card:

Copper Beech
Thinking of You from Bluebird plate (Artistic Outpost)
Cardstock: metallic copper, black and cream (Paper Store)
Ink: Tuxedo Black (Memento)
Other: Metallic Copper embossing paste (Dreamweaver)
Tools: Tree of Life stencil (Dreamweaver); Crop-a-dile
Embellishment: fabric flower

So now, I have made two projects with Dreamweaver products and they were quick and easy! The stencils did clean up easily as promised which was nice.

My take-aways were:

1) Read the directions thoroughly (which I did not to start...typical of me).

2) Don't be hasty removing the stencil from the project.

3) Be creative in how you use these fun products! Don't forget you can sponge color using these stencils. You can also dry emboss with a tool. There are lots of different ways to use them.

4) If you mess up, don't scrap the project! A flower, a sentiment, or a well-placed ribbon may be all you need!

5) This technique was a lot less messy than I originally thought. The clean up was quick and simple.

Stay tuned tomorrow when I will actively disregard the instructions again and show you a quick fix if you are instruction-challenged like me!


  1. I love it! Now I have to buy some or borrow yours. I never would have thought to combine the paste with the flower soft - very cool. I'm looking forward to tomorrow's installment! Thanks, Ali

  2. I love to use stencils myself. You have done a marvelous job! The pink flower soft was so pretty:)


Thanks for your wonderful words!

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