Tuesday, June 16, 2009

New Swap - Winter Holiday Cards!

The Gingersnap Creations Yahoo Group is having another swap! This time we are swapping winter holiday cards!

Send 4 identical winter holiday cards to the hostess (Shar) by August 8th and get 4 different cards back! What a deal!

Once you sign up, we will email you the hostess address and the particulars. Please note all participants are required to send a self-addressed stamped envelope with their entries with enough postage to cover the 4 cards they will receive in return for their submissions.

All cards have to be full cards (ie no fronts) but there are no restrictions on number of layers or embellishments. Your only requirement is that your cards have a winter holiday theme!

The bad news: this swap is only open to our Gingersnap Creations Yahoo Group Members.

The good news: It's easy to become a Gingersnapper! Just visit our Yahoo Group home page and sign up!

Hope the cards in this post, all made for Ill Tempered Ink's Holiday Challenge last year, inspire you to get out all those great holiday stamps while the lazy, hazy days of summer are still upon us!

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