Thursday, June 25, 2009

Try a Technique with Sharon: Polished Stone

Working with Idea-ology's Fragments earlier this week, made me realize that I haven't made any polished stone backgrounds in a long time!

Polished stone is one of those easy techniques that can add a different dimension to your art. Here's a quick lesson for those who haven't tried it before and a refresher for those who haven't used it for ages!

What you need:
Alcohol inks such as Adirondack
Applicator tool with felt
Glossy cardstock
Alcohol blending solution such as Adirondack

Start by selecting your colors. For my first project, I wanted a blue-base so I worked with Stream, Stonewashed, and Wild Plum.

I added the ink to my applicator by placing the tip directly on the felt and giving the bottle a little squeeze. To add further colors, place the next color close but not touching the inks you have already added.

Pounce your applicator over your glossy cardstock randomly. Turn your tool between pounces rather than on the paper.

For your first pass, you can leave some white areas. You will go over these again with your second layer.

If you like, you can refresh your color and add another layer of color. For extra effect and that stony look, next add some metallic mixative to your tool and pounce randomly over the surface. I used silver for this piece.

If you feel like you are satisfied with your coverage, you can go right to the next step and add some blending solution to your felt and pounce over the paper. This step will blend your colors a bit more so they bleed nicely into each other.

To finish off, I also sprinkled some drops of blending solution across the paper to create some neat pooling of the metallic ink.

Here's what I created with this fun quick-drying background!

Stamps from By the Sea - Oxford Impressions

I also tried out this combination: Meadow, Bottle, Lettuce and Butterscotch with a touch of silver.

To come up with this look:

Which ended up as this card:

Stamps from Stampington and Cavallinin & Co.

What can you make? Let's see! Dig out those alcohol inks and show us what you can create!

Make a polished stone background and use it in a creation, then add a comment to this post with a link to your art! Dare ya!


  1. i love it! do you stay up nights thinking of this stuff? are you in the arts field? you are soooo talented and inspiring!


  2. This is a lovely tutorial

    love dawn xx


Thanks for your wonderful words!

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