Wednesday, July 1, 2009

31 Reasons to Stamp in July

We all need some inspiration every once in awhile. Here are some great reasons to stamp in July!

1st - Canada Day / National Postal Worker Day

Get into a Red & White theme or try out one of those great Postage Stamp People!

2nd - I Forgot Day

Get busy and send a great card to that friend you haven't talked to in ages or make up for a missed birthday!

3rd - Compliment Your Mirror Day / Dog Days of Summer begin (July 3-Aug 15)

Make a card celebrating your inner self and your gorgeous outer being or get inspired by the beginning of those long, lazy days of summer or simply incorporate a furry friend into your card!

4th - Independence Day

While this is obvious a day of patriotism in the USA, use today to also celebrate the concept of freedom in general! July 4th also kicks off Freedom Week!

5th - Carribbean Day

Feeling like you want to get away? Take a trip using your own creativity to a lovely island paradise!

6th - Take Your Webmaster to Lunch Day

Have some cyber friends or hardware wizards who need a little thank you? Here's your chance to show them that you appreciate their help and support.

7th - Father-Daughter Take a Walk Together Day

Dads and their daughters have a special connection. Celebrate that wonderful relationship today!

8th - Savor the Comic, Unplug the Drama Day

I love the idea of this day! Get silly and forget your troubles!

9th - Celebrate National Grilling Month

It's National Grilling Month, so show your appreciation of your favorite "Grill Master".

10th - Don't Step on a Bee Day / Teddy Bear's Picnic Day

Grab your bee stamps and get busy or create a cuddly teddy bear card!

11th - Cheer up the Lonely Day

Make a RAK for someone special who may be feeling alone today!

12th - Celebrate Blueberries Month

What a glorious fruit! Let's get celebrate the enjoyment of this special fruit today! No blueberry stamps? How about just going blue?

13th - Embrace Your Geekness Day / Go West Day

We are all a little geeky once in awhile - let it shine today! If you aren't feeling the geek factor, think about pioneering a new creative moment with a western theme.

14th - Bastille Day

Time to grab all those Marie Antoinette stamps and get creating!

15th - start of Rabbit Week (15th-21st)

Okay, what is cuter than rabbits? Realistic or cartoon, these bunnies are always a welcome addition to a card or creation.

16th - Celebrate National Recreation and Parks Month

The National Parks are a wonderful way to experience the wonderful magesty of nature. Make a card celebrating our fantastic landscapes or just send your favorite Ranger a lovely thank you!

17th - Wrong Way Corrigan Day / Anniversary of the Opening of Disneyland

Douglas Corrigan was nicknamed "Wrong Way" when he flew accidently to Ireland instead of California due to what he claimed was a navigational error. Celebrate flight or infamous mistakes on this fun day! Or, you could just pay a little homage to one of the best known family vacation spots!

18th - Cow Appreciation Day

Get Mooo-ving with this zany day!

19th - National Ice Cream Day / Stick Out Your Tongue Day

I know I can't resist ice cream. Make a card celebrating this cool dessert! Having a bad day? Stick your tongue out at it with a creative project!

20th - National Hug Your Kid Day / National Lollipop Day

Give a long-distance hug to those far away or lick boredom by creating a lively lollipop creation!

21st - National Junk Food Day

What's your favorite junk food? Give it a little tribute with a fun card today!

22nd - Celebrate National Picnic Month

Gingham, barbecue and lots of ants! Grab inspiration from this great family past-time for a delicious new card!

23rd - Gorgeous Grandma Day / start of Lumberjack Week (23rd-30th)

Know a "Gorgeous Grandma"? Give her a reason to smile! Wondering how Lumberjack Week can be inspiring? Think forests, wood backgrounds, saws/tools, flannel and plaid.

24th - Cousins Day / Amelia Earhart Day / Marvin the Martian's Birthday

Celebrate your favorite cousin with a great get-in-touch card or take flight with Amelia Earhart and celebrate one of the world's most famous female aviators! Get "out of this world" and make a special space card today to celebrate Marvin the Martian, Warner Brother's cute and crazy comic alien.

25th - National Day of the Cowboy

Fun, fun, fun! Lasso some great ideas with this fun holiday and don't forget about the wonderful cowgirls that made the Wild West more interesting!

26th - Celebrate Women's Motorcycle Month

Biker babes unite! Let's hit the road and get inspired by Women's Motorcycle Month!

27th - Bugs Bunny's Birthday

What's up doc? A new card that's what! Think bunnies, carrots, cartoons and comedy!

28th - National Milk Chocolate Day / Beatrix Potter Birthday

Chocolate creations abound with this sweet holiday! Celebrate the life and work of Beatrix Potter by creating a card with some of her favorite animals - rabbits, mice, squirrels, hedgehogs, and ducks.

29th - Celebrate Anti-Boredom Month

We all hit that spot in summer where we wonder just what are we going to do....break out of the boredom! Make a completely off the way nutty card using a technique that you have never tried before!

30th - Father-in-Law Day / Cheesecake Day

Do you have a Dad-in-Law that could use a fun surprise? Make something wonderful for him! Celebrate cheesecake day with a new cake card! Not feeling the sugar rush? Think cheesy instead!

31st - Celebrate National Recreation Month

So many sports, so little time! Make a super creation showing off your favorite recreational pursuit!

Need more inspiration? Here's this month's Springboard Suggestions:






None of these ideas grab you? Check out our fabulous challenges for even more inspiration!

No more excuses! Let's get stamping!


  1. Shar, What great ideas, don't know how you do it! LOL! Can't wait to give some of these ideas a try, you are such an inspiration.

  2. Wow, so many reasons to stamp, so little time. I'd better get busy!


Thanks for your wonderful words!

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