Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Collage Corner Meets Colonel Mustard

Whether you have played Clue or Cluedo or not, you probably have heard of Colonel Mustard. This iconic character has always been one of my favorites so when I came across a few older versions of Clue at flea markets and garage sales, I thought it would be fun to play with this idea.

I wanted to show the different faces of Col. Mustard so I decided on a tin project. I had a gift card tin that seemed to be a great size for the cards. I want to say everything went smoothly but I really should not have started off on my little collage adventure without rereading some info on prepping. After a couple false starts, I prepped my tin with a couple of coats of gel medium and then a couple coats of Old Brass Lumiere paint.

I used a peeled paint technique from Claudine Hellmuth's Collage Discovery Workshop, which I recently reviewed, to give the cover of the tin an aged appearance.

I used gel medium to attach the image and then covered the portions I didn't want to paint with petroleum jelly, painted over with a couple of lighter colors and then wiped away the jelly. Col. Mustard reappeared from under the paint unscathed. I then went on to create some smaller assemblages.

Inside, I recreated the classic "Col. Mustard in the Conservatory with a Candlestick" scenerio. I used another technique from Collage Discovery Workshop to do a contact paper image transfer of the candlestick and its title. I paired this with the "case file" folder used to hide the solution in the game. I was also able to snag an actual candlestick from the game to further add to the look.

On the inside of the lid, I showed a couple of the more recent faces of Col. Mustard on a backdrop of the conservatory.

The little guy in the right corner is actually from Clue Jr. I added some gold paint over top of these images to antique them a bit and add a little more yellow to my mustard creation.

Hope my take on this classic board game character was up to muster!

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  1. It certainly did come up to muster - this is a fantastic project. The techniques turned out beautifully and I love the idea of showing Col Mustard through the ages. It's wonderful!


Thanks for your wonderful words!

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