Friday, July 31, 2009

Reasons to Stamp in August

We all need a little inspiration once in awhile. Here's some ideas in August to get you going!

1 - Girlfriend's Day / Simplify Your Life Week

Take some time to reconnect with that special friend on Girlfriend's Day!

2 - Sister's Day / Friendship Day

We all have friends that are like sisters and sisters who are our best friends. Let's take some time today to give these special people in our lives a little handcrafted smile!

3 - National Clown Week

Clowns are like walking smiles! Have some fun clowning around today!

4 - National Golf Month

Hit a hole-in-one with a glorious golf card!

5 - Neil Armstrong's Birthday

Last month was the 40th anniversary of the moon landing and this month is Neil Armstrong's birthday! Let's celebrate all those giant steps for humankind today! Or, you can just get spacey!

6 - Peace Day

Peace Day - what better reason for an unexpected card to someone you love! Then again, you could just go all tie-dye and peace symbols with this one.

7 - Lighthouse Day

Living in New England, lighthouses have a special place in my heart. They always make me feel calm and serene! Pass on this feeling of serenity with your own take on a lighthouse card!

8 - Happiness Happens Day

This isn't just a single day! There's a whole Happiness Happens Month! How cool is that?

9 - First Sighting of Smokey the Bear in 1944

I barely need to tell you what fun ways you can use bears in your creations today! If bears aren't your thing, think about campfires (safe ones) and the great outdoors!

10 - Smores Day

Chocolate, marshmallows and the wonderful outdoors! Gotta love Smores Day! I love smores because they have wonderful layers, all with different textures, colors and tastes. Why not make a creation using the same formula?

11 - Sons & Daughters Day

While I love Mother's Day, sometimes I like to give my daughter a card to let her know how much I appreciate her too!

12 - Sewing Machine Day

Sewing is a way of binding two separate pieces together, so what theme for a card about friendship or love?

13 - Left-handers Day

Know any people who are left-handed? Celebrate their distinctiveness on this day just for lefties!

14 - Doc Holliday born in 1851

Doc Holliday was a fixture of the wild west! He enjoyed gambling and the lawlessness of the Old West while finding precious little time for his chosen profession, dentistry. Make a card using a playing card or a wild west/cowboy theme today!

15 - Napoleon Bonaparte's Birthday

Think French today! Make a card with a theme of France or its famous capitol city, Paris.

16 - Elvis Memorial Day

Make a card saluting the King today! Don't have any Elvis stamps? Why not a blue Christmas card?

17 - Mae West's Birthday

A famous lady with her own special unfettered style, Mae West lit up the silver screen in the 1930s. Today, why not make a creation demonstrating your own special unfettered style.

18 - Cupcake Day

Yes, there is a day dedicated to these mini treats! Sweet! Make a cupcake creation today!

19 - Aviation Day

Fly high with Aviation Day! Air mail is one way to go!

20 - Radio Day

The radio has been part of our lives since early last century. To celebrate this now ubiquitous invention, create something that reminds you of your fondest memories listening to the radio!

21 - Poet's Day / Daffodil Day

Flowers and flowery words seem to go together! Have fun with your own flowery words!

22 - American Artist Appreciation Month

So many great American artists to choose from! Don't restrict yourself to making a creation in honor of paint and brush artists. Think outside the canvas and remember those in theatre, music and dance!

23 - Be an Angel Day

Be an Angel to someone who needs one!

24 - Family Fun Month

Celebrate family fun with a creation today!

25 - Wizard of Oz premiered on this day in 1939

Have some fun and let your imagination travel down Yellow Brick Road!

26 - National Dog Day

Let's not forget our faithful furry friends! Dogs make such great subjects for all sorts of creations.

27 - American Adventures Month

Make a creation celebrating the many adventures Americans have taken over the years!

28 - Dream Day

In 1963, Martin Luther King, Jr. gave his "I Have a Dream" speech. He spoke eloquently and passionately about his dream for the future. Why not create something that expresses your dream for the future?

29 - Be Kind to Humankind Week

What better excuse to perform a Random Act of Kindness then Be Kind to Humankind Week?

30 - National Toasted Marshmallow Day

Sweet and warm, just like August, toasted marshmallows are a fabulous summer tradition! Why not make a creation with a sweet treat?

31 - What Will Be Your Legacy Month / Waffle Week Starts

Why wait until January to think those heavy Meaning of Life questions when August is "What Will Be Your Legacy Month"? Why not make something that demonstrates what you would like your legacy to be.

Need more inspiration? Here's this month's Springboard Suggestions:






Still not inspired? Check out our fabulous challenges for even more ideas!


  1. Wow, this should keep us busy!!!!

  2. What a wonderful list, there are so many great reasons, don't know where to start. Love that you put this list together, can't wait to get started.


Thanks for your wonderful words!

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