Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Redhead Review: Collage Discovery Workshop

Collage Discovery Workshop was one of my first purchases when I started to experiment with collage. I adore Claudine Hellmuth's amazing collage work, so buying the book was an obvious choice.

Collage Discovery Workshop has it all! It is divided into two separate sections. The first section goes over techniques for collage running the gamut from super easy for beginners like me to more involved constructions for the advanced collage artist. The second section shows you how to bring all these ideas together into a cohesive piece of art.

I knew I was going to love this book from the moment I started reading the introduction. In bold lovely letters, the first section declares "You Don't Need to Be an Artist". Whew! What a relief! For me, this was license not be intimidated by any of the techniques. The next heading announces "It's All About Play". Now, I was completely comfortable and at ease. The whole book is so accessible that I was instantly hooked and could visualize not only myself doing the techniques but the projects that would ensue from this new-found knowledge.

Claudine takes the time to provide instructions for 4 paint techniques, 4 image transfer techniques, 3 techniques using beeswax, and 4 antiquing strategies before moving on to her imaginative projects. Throughout the book, there are wonderful tips to help the new collagist to be successful in their art creations.

Ali , from our Creative Team, also has a copy of this fabulous guide to collage and volunteered to share the creations she made by following various tutorials in the book.

Here's what Ali made using the contact paper image transfer technique:

She also made a sensational altered book page using the peeled paint technique:

Here's a close-up:

Finally, Ali shared a journal she made by combining a number of the techniques - peeled paint, contact paper image transfer and glazing paint:

A closer look:

My copy of this book is so well-worn from constant use it is starting to look vintage itself. If you are looking for a great introduction to the world of collage, this is one of the books I would highly recommend to start out on a journey into assemblage.

More a stamper than a collage person? Check out Claudine Hellmuth's fabulous stamp images at Stampington.

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  1. Great review ladies and some pretty fantastic art to go with it!!! I don't have this book, it looks really interesting tho!


Thanks for your wonderful words!

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