Monday, August 31, 2009

Reasons to Stamp in September

If you need some creative prompts during September, or need a reason to send a card, here are some ideas for you. And as an extra bonus, we have 20+ gorgeous samples created by our new Design Team.

1- Partridge Day
Celebrate this colorful bird in the Fall rather than in December, when he's often found in a pear tree.
2 - National Apple Month
Bake someone a delicious apple pie and include a handmade card with the recipe.

3 - Uncle Sam's Birthday
Send the patriot in your family a card celebrating this American icon.

4 - Newspaper Carriers Day
Show your appreciation for your paper boy and do your part to keep the newspaper alive.

5 - National Hummingbird Day
Include the image of this beautiful bird in your creation and you'll bring a smile to anyone's face.

6- Read a Book Day
Encourage the young and old to pick up a book by making them a fabulous bookmark.

7 - Labor Day
Kick back and enjoy the last day of summer!

8 - Star Trek's Birthday
Be sure to send your favorite Trekkie a card to commemorate this important day.

9 - Teddy Bear Day
Today would be a perfect day to invite a friend to a teddy bears' picnic.

10 - Sewing Machine Day
Do you have a friend or family member who loves to sew? Celebrate their passion with a card or something to adorn their sewing room.

11 - Patriot Day
A sad day designated in memory of those who died in the September 11, 2001 attacks.

12 - Fall Hat Month
This is the day that you toss out your garden hats and start wearing warm Fall hats made from felt and fabric. If hats aren't your thing, warm up by including some Fall textures in a project instead.

13 - Grandparents Day
On this day, take time to honor a grandparent and their wonderful influence on yours or your children's lives.

14 - National Pet Memorial Day
Making a scrapbook page or mini album about a dearly departed friend will bring joy and happy memories to its recipient.

15 - National Thank You Day
Thank someone that isn't often appreciated on National Thank You Day. It will warm their heart and yours.

16 - Mayflower Day
On this day in 1620 the early settlers set sail from Plymouth, England to America in search of new lives. Honor the Pilgrims' spirit and make a card or journal for someone who is embarking on a journey or fresh beginning.

17 - National Honey Month
You don't need to be an apiarist (beekeeper) to celebrate National Honey Month. Check out these recipes and make a sweet treat for your 'honey'.

18 - Wife Appreciation Day
Mark it on your calendar with a big red star and get ready to be appreciated.

19 - Talk Like a Pirate Day
To celebrate this zany holiday, open your treasure chest of supplies and make a card for an aspiring Jack Sparrow.

20 - 1946 - First Cannes Film Festival
Send the film buff in your life a card full of glitz and glam to celebrate this legendary film festival.

21 - International Day of Peace
Tolstoy wrote: "Let us forgive each other - only then will we live in peace". Let this be the day that you reach out with a card or note of reconciliation to someone in your life.

22 - First Day of Autumn
This is a favorite season for many people. Celebrate the rich colors of Autumn in your creations today.

23 - National Flower Week
This should be an easy one to celebrate! Bring a smile to a flower-lover's face with a beautiful floral creation this week.

24 - Punctuation Day
How the ?!#& do you celebrate this day?

25 - Native American Day
Find a way to honor the art and culture of the Native Americans today.

26 - Johnny Appleseed's Birthday
This would be a fun day to spend making apple crafts with the kids. How about stamping with apples? Here are a few ideas to get you started.

27 - Ancester Appreciation Day
Dig out those old family photographs or use some of the fabulous vintage stamps on the market and create a piece art about your ancestors (real or imaginary!)

28 - Ask a stupid question day
Is there such a thing as a stupid question?

29 - Women of Achievement Month
Send a card to a woman who has had an extraordinary influence on your life. You do not need to be an Amelia Earhart or Mother Teresa to be a woman of achievement.

30 - 1791 - Mozart's Magic Flute Premieres
Listen to this lively opera today and you're sure to create your own masterpiece.

If you are still stumped for ideas during September, why not be inspired by the flowers of the month, the Aster and the Morning Glory or September's birthstone, the Sapphire.


  1. WOW! What a stunning bunch of art here...and a fab reason to stamp...the perfect excuse to play with stash instead of doing the chores LOL

  2. Great to see it all together. Looks spiffing. All has become clear why it needs to be completed for the beginning of the month!

  3. This is such an inspiration, can't wait to get started. The cards that are shown are absolutely wonderful, and so creative. Now have a list for September. Only problem is finding enough time to complete all of them. Thanks you so much for taking the time to motivate us and getting the creative juices flowing.

  4. What a fabulous bunch of reasons to stamp and what amazing art to go with it!! The Design Team really outdid themselves this time!

  5. Wow, Those are terriffic, Some made me laugh others I am holding back a tear. Inspiring without a doubt.


Thanks for your wonderful words!

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