Saturday, September 12, 2009

Elina Gets into Glitter

Hello there!!! My name is Elina and I am a scrapbooker from Greece and I love altering items too!! I am really excited to be in the DT here and I promise to provide tons of inspiration and fun with all the talented crafters here!!

So... We are girls, we are stars and we love some sparkle in our lives!! I am going to show you a few fun tricks you can do with glitter to jazz up your layouts, cards, ATCs and all your crafty artwork.

Glittery chipboard:
1. Paint your chipboard with acrylics a color that will match your glitter. Here, I have chosen black that will sparkle with my crystal fine glitter.

2. Apply a generous amount of glue with your paintbrush. It can be Diamond glaze, glossy accents, even pva glue, as long as it dries up transparent.

3. Pour a super generous amount of glitter on top of it and start dabbing with your hand so that the glitter will stick down for good.

4. Tap it so that the excess glitter will come off. Make sure to put back in the container all the excess glitter, you don’t want to throw it away!!!

5. Leave your chipboard to dry completely (I usually leave it overnight just to be 100% sure!!)

6. And the most important part comes now… take your chipboard and apply again a coat of glue on top of it, this seals the glitter and you don’t have sparkles all over your artwork and hands!!

Glitter transparency:
1. Stamp a design in plain white paper. It works best with stamps that don’t have very fine details and are more compact.

2. Place a piece of acetate on top of the stamped image and start tracing it with liquid glue (again any glue that dries up transparent is good for this technique)

3. Pour a generous amount of glitter on top of it and tap with your hands lightly so that it sticks down.

4. Tap the excess glitter off and with the help of a dry clean paintbrush brush lightly around the design to take off the glitter that is stuck all around due to static electricity. Leave your design to dry (I leave it overnight).

5. Cut around your design and you now have a transparent glittery embellishment to use!!

Glitter bottle caps:
Follow the same steps as for the glitter chipboard in the center of the bottle caps and you’ll have some shiny embellishments to use on your pages.

My glittery layout:
Here is a layout I have created using all my new glittery embellishments! I have used my chipboard glitter swirl on the top right, my transparent swirl under my title to pop it up and my bottle caps made fantastic flower centers!!!


  1. Great tutorial and well timed for the glittery season.

  2. This is a fabulous tutorial, Elina! Thanks for sharing your glittering tips.

  3. Wonderful tutorial, Elina! Love the glitter on the acetate for an embellishment... what a great look!

  4. I often forget about my glitter. Wonderful tutorial. Off to dig out my glitter.

  5. your blog is so lovely and full of wonderful ideas and creation, thank you for sharing with the world. I'm from South Africa and would love you to pop over to my blog sometime to see my work.

    Thanks for sharing
    Adele James
    Craft U Crazy

  6. Fabby dabby dooooooo....brilliant tutorial...thanks ever so off to rummage in my messy stash and get me some glitter to get sparkling...hugs Hels x

  7. Very nice blog.Nice ideas and creations.Everyone from the team with his one touch does en excellent work.Elina thanks for your tips and for sharing this with everyone. compliments!



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