Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sharon Briss: Picking Papers with Photo-Style Stamps

All this month, we have featured Stampsmith stamps which are primarily photo-style. While we've dealt with how to get great impressions from photo-style stamps before, we thought we would pass on some more information on using this type of stamp.

Did you know that the paper you pick for your image can really make a difference in your image?

Rather than drone on and on about how the papers are different, I thought I would just show you the results. All images were stamped with Memento Ink and the image is from the Stampsmith.

The first picture shows the image stamped onto standard cardstock.

The second shows the image stamped onto low-gloss cardstock. There is definitely more visible depth, clarity and detail on this one.

The final picture shows the image stamped on high-gloss cardstock. The details are finer and more clear.

Choosing the right image for your creation is always a hard choice. Hopefully, choosing the right paper for your next project using photo stamps will be a little easier now that you have seen how the different types of paper can produce different looks.


  1. This is such great information! I've never tried Memento w/my photo stamps. I have a pad, so I need to try experimenting. My preference is Ranger's Archival black. I wish it was more black and less purple-y black, but it gives me a great impression. I love Stampsmith (and all) photo stamps! :)

  2. PaperTemptress carries both a matte glossy and an ultra high gloss just for this purpose!! Thanks for sharing your knowledge. Now off to stamp my Marilyn stamps from Stampsmith.

    the PaperTemptress

  3. Thanks for sharing this info! I was just going to ask where one could find the low gloss C/S and I see Patricia, the Paper Temptress, was right here to "tempt" us all!! I swear I should own stock in her company - lol!


Thanks for your wonderful words!

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