Friday, September 25, 2009

Reasons to Stamp in October

At Gingersnap Creations, we aim to keep your creativity flowing. So, if you run out of juice during October, here are 31 reasons to make a card or project.

1- World Vegetarian Day

Viva la veggie! There are some amazing images out there featuring amazing vegetables. Use the upcoming harvest season to spark your creativity and send a note to your favorite vegetarian.

2 - Farm Animals' Day

Local farms are such an important part of communities all over the world. Why not use today as inspiration to add chickens, roosters, cows, pigs and sheep to a creation?

Artwork by Ali Manning

Artwork by Debby Boltman

3 - World Card Making Day

Is there another cardmaker that you know that deserves a wonderful handcrafted smile in their mailbox? Celebrate World Card Making Day with them!

Artwork by Ali Manning

4 - National Dessert Month

What a sweet reason to send out a card! Stressed is just desserts spelled backwards so why not turn someone's stressful day around with a vision of tempting treats?

Artwork by Laura Liddell

5 - World Teacher Day

Don't wait until the holiday season or the end of the school year to send a little note of thanks to a teacher. Don't have children in school? All teachers count! Give a special note to your fitness instructor, your stamp demonstrator or drop a note to an influential teacher from your past!

Artwork by Debby Boltman

6 - Mad Hatter Day

One of the sensational ideas that eminated from this beloved literary character was the idea of unbirthdays, long celebrated in my household. Why not send an unbirthday card to a favorite friend? Mad Hatter Day also inspires cards with hats, tea or some of the wonderful Alice in Wonderland images out there.

7 - World Smile Day

What better way to send a smile long-distance than to send a hand-crafted creation across the miles?

Artwork by Paula Whittaker

8 - Tag Day

Tag, you're it! Celebrating the childhood game of tag, this day inspires me to think of favorite childhood memories and playmates. Why not "tag" an old friend from your childhood with a great card?

9 - World Space Week

What an out of this world inspiration for a card! Have fun with all sorts of space images - suns, moons, stars, planets or fun aliens and spacecraft. Your creation can travel the spectrum from silly to sublime.

10 - Universal Music Day

If music be the food of love, play on! Shakespeare really captures the beauty and richness that music can bring to life. Why not capture that beauty in a card?

Artwork by Paula Whittaker

11 - National Stamp Collecting Month

Postage elements can certainly add an extra dimension to our creations! From adding a single stamp, as demonstrated beautifully by Joanne's sample below, to creating a whole postal theme to creating fun "postoid" people, so why not dip into your own collection of stamps to make a fun card?

Artwork by Joanne Wardle

12 - Thanksgiving in Canada

Thanksgiving is always a great time to express to others the blessings of friendship and family. If you can't go home for the holidays, why not send a sweet message in a beautiful hand-crafted card.

Artwork by Ali Manning

13 - Family History Month

Why not include some old family pictures or keepsakes in a creation this month? Been putting off making that heritage album? Here's a great incentive to get you going on a project that will become an instant heirloom.

14 - Winnie The Pooh published this day 1926

One of the world's most beloved bears has his literary birthday today. Why not salute this childhood favorite in a wonderful piece of papercraft?

15 - P. G. Wodehouse's birthday (1881 - 1975)

P.G. Wodehouse had a fabulously wry sense of humor. Why not pay homage to the creator of the most famous and amazing butler, Jeeves, by making a wonderfully droll card and making someone smile. Of course, Wodehouse could also be just plain silly so that's great too!

16 - Dictionary Day (Noah Webster's birthday)

Here's a great reason to create a piece of art that centers around a single definition! Have fun with words today! Noah Webster certainly did.

17 - The Sweetest Day

Sweetness is the word of the day! Add something sweet to your art and send it to your sweetie!

Artwork by Debby Boltman

18 - World Rain Forest Week

It is estimated that from 40% to 75% of the species on Earth are indigenous to rainforests. Why not celebrate these amazing places with some amazing art?

Artwork by Lynn Stevens

19 - Evaluate your Life Day

Think big thoughts today ad let your art take you where it will! Why not make a goals journal?

20 - National Reading Group Month

Do you share your love of reading with a Book Group? Why not share your love of stamping and papercrafting with the same group by making a literary-based creation?

21 - 1879 - Thomas Edison invented the electric light

Thomas Edison's great idea is now the icon for great ideas - the light bulb! Have a great art idea? Make your idea a reality just like Edison!

22 - National Color Day

Use color to sweep you away today! Celebrate the use of color in your creations!

Artwork by Debby Boltman

23 - Popcorn Poppin' Month

Hey, it's popcorn! Do you need more inspiration than that? Why not make your own artistic popcorn bag or popcorn-themed card?

24 - United Nations Day

Make a global card today. Break out all those fabulous travel stamps and take your own artistic journey!

25 - Pablo Picasso's Birthday

Celebrate the father of cubism with a cubist creation! Not into that look? Why not emulate Picasso's blue period with your art?

26 - Mule Day

Include this fun animal in your art in some fun way or use the idea of stubbornness, burdens or hard work to inspire your creation! If you are very adventurous, make some art which brings to mind the old days of the Erie Canal.

27 - Navy Day

Honor our men and women in the Navy today with a fabulous card!

28 - National Chocolate Day

Today, your assignment is to not get distracted by chocolate but to include an image or sentiment about chocolate in your art. Why not use this wonderfully rich color as the base of your card? Have some fun and make a candy bar wrapper too!

Artwork by Laura Liddell

29 - Red Cross Founded Today in 1863

The American Red Cross and the organizations it works with world-wide have had a huge impact on the world with its focus on emergency and disaster relief. Why not make a card for a Red Cross volunteer who could use a smile today?

30 - Frankenstein Friday

What better way to get ready for Halloween than to have some fun with one of fiction's most recognizable monsters? Have some fun with some Frankenstein art!

Artwork by Lynn Stevens

31 - Halloween

Spooky fun will abound today! Why not get into the fun and get make some hauntingly beautiful art?

Artwork by Debby Boltman

Artwork by Laura Liddell

Thanks to our wonderful Design Team for their beautiful samples this month.

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  1. I am inspired already with all these gorgeous projects! Awesome art!

  2. Awesome work all you talented designers, Love seeing all your inspiring creations!

  3. Wow!! Thanks for all that fabby inspiration...such grrrrrreat art. Think all those prompts will last me a whole year though!! LOL


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