Friday, September 18, 2009

Redhead Review: Smooch

In honor of our salute to all that sparkles, I decided to check out Clearsnap's latest painting product, Smooch. Now, everyone is talking about this product which generally means that I stay away until the fervor dies down to see if it will be a staple or a fleeting trend. This time, I couldn't resist checking it out.

The nail polish-stye packaging is just adorabe but I have never been good at weilding my own nail polish brush so I was a bit apprehensive. I needn't have worried! The slender brush and the easily held handle make detail work a breeze.

You can produce very small dots of color or broader brush strokes depending on how you angle the brush.

In reviewing Smooch, I wanted to see how many ways I could use it. I started by painting some of my silver charms. I love charms, but I am an earth-tone lover so silver doesn't always work for me. I started with a simple ribbon charm and some Siren Smooch.

The charm was easy to transform from silver to red with this versatile little brush.

Okay, it did a single color very easily, but can it do two? I tried it out on this small silver sun charm using Gold Lame and Pumpkin Smooch.

I started by applying a base coat of Gold to the sun.

I then added pumpkin highlights to give the sun a more fiery demeanor.

Now, I am notably an impatient person so the key for any product I use is low or no waiting time. I decided to see if I could do several colors at once on a charm without having to have any drying time. I also wanted to see the level of detail I could achieve with the Smooch. My last charm was a silver crown with lots of fun details.

I did another base coat of gold and then I added some ruby details with my Siren Smooch. You realy can just "kiss" whatever you want to paint. I was able to easily just touch each of the raised details lightly to create a jeweled effect.

After finishing off the red details, I added some emerald accents with some Green Apple Smooch. I followed up by adding Sugarberry Smooch to the garlands and the top jewel.

The final result had a lot of detail that I would not normally get on a charm and no waiting time in the creation process. So now that we have found out that Smooch is totally charming, what next?

With such a pretty crown on hand, of course, I had to make a card!!

I started off by stamping a Stampsmith image of my favorite movie star, Audrey Hepburn, with Tuxedo Black Memento on low-gloss cardstock. I then added some distress colors to "colorize" the photo a bit. I used Ranger's Inkssentials Cut-N-Dry pen nibs but you can also use pointed cotton cosmetic applicators availabe at most pharmacies. For the skin tone, I lightly applied Rager's Tattered Rose Distress Ink. I also used Broken China and Shabby Shutters Distress Ink for the rest of the picture.

Audrey is wearing great jewelry in this photo so I decided to give Smooch another test and give her bling some shine with some more Gold Lame Smooch.

So Smooch can brighten up charms and pictures. What about paper? I added some extra shadowing to this pieces of gorgeous K & Company paper for a little extra dimension.

I finally put it all together into a card using some Olive and Blue cardstock and a piece of gold Shimmer Sheetz for extra bling.

On the whole, I really enjoyed using Smooch and I was very pleased with the control I got from the brush. I did learn that although I could layer this lovely paint without waiting for drying times, it was a good idea to let charms dry completely before handling them or adding them to a card.

I hope you enjoyed seeing how I played with Smooch. Come back next month for another Redhead Review!


  1. Thanks for the uses on the paint. I bought some and so far was not impressed. This gives me some wonderful ideas.
    Phyllis J.

  2. Incredible piece of art, thanks for the heads up on the product. Once again you have out done yourself.

  3. Wow Shar, I had never thought of using Smooch on charms.Great idea, It really makes it look gold and the jewels look real. O.k you sold me! I had a chance to play with it at out local craft store but only on paper. You opened up a whole new use for it!

  4. Sharon tfs!!! I am off to buy sime smoochilicious supplies to start experimenting!! I loved their effects on jewellery!!

  5. Another great tutorial. I have often wondered about smooch but have never tried it Yet. Thanks for the review.

  6. Okay I get it now. I just needed to go one blog further. The smooch looks pretty cool. I must try me some.


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