Friday, October 30, 2009

Reasons to Stamp in November

Where did October go? It just seems like just yesterday that we gave you 31 reasons to stamp in October and now November is just around the corner. Never fear, we have another month full of reasons for you to create. Whether you stamp, scrap, collage or paint, we hope you find something here to spark your creativity.

1 - Day of the Dead

The Day of the Dead, celebrated in Mexico and by Latin Americans wherever they may be, honors family and friends who have passed on with family gatherings focusing on praying and remembering those who are no longer with us. On this day, why not make a tribute creation for someone who you want to remember.

Artwork by Hels Sheridan

2 - Marie Antoinette's Birthday

Still a provacative woman 250 years after her birth, Marie Antoinette makes a great theme for a card for your favorite gal pal!

Artwork by Lynn Stevens

3 - Housewife Day

Okay, we all know someone who deserves a card for holding down the fort at their house! Make a wonderful creation to celebrate the triumphs or the tribulations of being a modern housewife.

Artwork by Laura Liddell

4 - King Tut Day

King Tut's discovery revitalized the world's interest in all things Egyptian. Why not make your own papercrafting project with an ancient Egyptian theme?
Artwork by Sharon Briss

5 - Guy Fawkes Day

Guy Fawkes, forever remembered for his part in the
Gunpowder Plot, is annually burnt in figuritive effigy on this day. Bonfires and fireworks abound. With lots of history wrapped up in this day, there are lots of jumping off points for fiery creativity!

Artwork by Joanne Wardle

6 - Native American Heritage Month

Celebrate the beautiful and fabulous cultures of the Native Americans with a fitting card or project!

7 - Aviation History Month

Reach new heights with this fun celebration of aviation! Know a pilot or an aviation enthusiast? Time to show them that you are interested in their passion by giving them a high flying card!
Artwork by Sharon Briss

8 - Pursuit of Happiness Week

Have a friend that needs to catch some happiness? Send them a great card celebrating this fun holiday!
Artwork by Jo Capper-Sandon

9 - World Freedom Day

Free yourself to create something without limits! This is a day dedicated to the idea of freedom. Why not show it off in your art!

10 - National Peanut Butter Month

Great for your favorite peanut butter enthusiast or someone caught in a sticky situation, National Peanut Butter Month is full of fun and lots of ideas! Break out of a PB & J world and create something fabulously nutty!

11 - Veterans Day/Remembrance Day

A day of remembrance and recognition of service and sacrifice, Veteran's Day & Remembrance Day celebrate the contributions of soldiers and those who worked toward peace in the past! Send a card to your favorite Veteran to let them know how much you appreciate their contributions.

Artwork by Debby Boltman

Artwork by Joanne Wardle

12 - Grace Kelly's (1929-1982) Birthday

A lady of grace and style,
Grace Kelly was one-of-a-kind! Send your favorite one-of-a-kind lady a one-of-a-kind handmade creation!

13 - World Kindness Day

What could be more kind than sending a handcrafted creation to someone who needs a bit of sunshine in their day? Make your kindness travel across the miles to create that smile!

14 - Claude Monet's Birthday (1840 - 1926)

On the birthday of one of the most impressive impressionists, why not play with light, color and shadow just like he did? Monet's Birthday is chance to break the art rules and make your own impression as a master painter!

15 - America Recycles Day

One of my favorite ways to recylce is to turn my throw-aways into keepsakes. Today, use fresh eyes and see how you can recycle, reuse and create!

16 - International Day of Tolerance

Spread some love and peace by on this day of tolerance with a handcrafted card.

Artwork by Ali Manning

17 - Take a Hike Day

What a fabulous day to immortalize the ravishing beauty of the great outdoors! Why not send a fabulous landscape to that hiker in your life?

18 - Mickey Mouse Day

Gotta love the mouse! Make something magnificient with this icon of family entertainment!

19 - International Philosophy Day

Why not use this day to translate one of your personal philosophies into art! What about an ATC with one of some "deep thoughts" for a theme?

20 - Universal Children's Day

On the most simple level, this internationally recognized day celebrates children. On a more serious level, it is the anniversary of the day that the United Nations General Assembly adopted the Declaration of the Rights of the Child in 1955. Express your caring for children in general or for a special child in your life on this day!

Artwork by Joanne Wardle

21 - World Hello Day

Do I even need to say it? Time to get out your ink, paper and creativity and send a huge hello to someone who needs to hear from you!

Artwork by Debby Boltman

Artwork by
Hels Sheridan

22 - Stir-up Sunday

Stir-up Sunday is an affectionate term given to the last Sunday before Advent in the Christian calendar. It also has the distinction of being associated with the beginnings of getting ready for Christmas, starting with stirring up those Christmas puddings. Here's a chance to stir-up your holiday season and start stamping those fabulous handcrafted holiday cards!

Artwork by Laura Liddell

23 - National Game & Puzzle Week

Puzzles and games seem to be a great match for papercrafting creativity! Use your love of games to create a game inspired creation! Use playing cards, chess pieces, bingo cards, crosswords, etc to make your own take on this fun week!

Artwork by Hels Sheridan

24 - National Espresso Day

Don't get too hot and bothered by this fun day! Brew up some rich ideas and perculate them into some tasty art! Why not send an invitation to a wonderful friend to set up your next coffee connection?

Artwork by Laura Liddell

25 - Adoption Awareness Month

Developed to promote awareness of the need for adoptive parents for children in foster care, this month's designation as Adoption Awareness Month is an important way to help some great children to move from foster care to a permanent family. This is a excellent time to show your support to prospective adoptive parents, hard-working foster families and fabulous kids who may need a permanent home with a beautiful hand-crafted creation.

26 - Thanksgiving (USA)

Turkeys, pilgrims, blessings and cornucopia! There's a lot to work with on this celebration of strength, friendship and cooperation! Oh yeah, there was food too! Have fun making some Thanksgiving Greetings for your family and friends!

Artwork by Ali Manning

27 - Black Friday

Every time a cash register rings, a pair of shoes gets its bling! Not quite the quote from It's a Wonderful Life, but Black Friday has become a day in the United States to indulge your shopping urges. Why not use shopping as a great theme for a fun friendship card? Who knows, you might get company in those 3am department store early openings!

28 - Letter Writing Day

Email has replaced letters for many of us, but once in awhile it's refreshing to get an actual letter in the mail. Why not really play with the theme of this day and create your own stationary and envelope and reach out to a far-off friend in style?

Artwork by Jo Capper-Sandon

Artwork by Ali Manning

29 - Family Week

Time goes by so fast and sometimes we can get swept away by it. It's hard to keep up with family that has moved away. Why not make something extra special for that brother, sister, aunt, uncle or parent to show them you are close even if there are miles between you!

30 - St Andrews Day

Here's one for any of you out there with Scottish heritage! St. Andrew's Day commemorates the patron saint of Scotland. So show off that Scottish spirit with a handcrafted creation!

Artwork by Laura Liddell

Artwork by Sharon Briss

I hope we have provided you with a month's worth of inspiration. Have fun!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Wrap Up GCSP1: Once in a Blue Moon

Here at Gingersnaps we like to keep you on your toes and when there are five Wednesdays in one month, we offer you an extra challenge. In the Once in a Blue Moon challenge last month, we asked you to create something using two or more of our previous challenges.

Before we look at your beautiful creations, the randomly drawn winner of the unmounted stamp from The Stampsmith is....

Congratulations, Anne! Please email us at with your address and we will send you this beautiful stamp.

If you would like to visit an individual artist's blog, click on the slide show and you will be taken to the photo album, which contains their links.

Come back tomorrow for more inspiration in our Reasons to Stamp in November feature.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Wrap-Up: GC24 - Stars

It's time to say goodbye to our popular Star Challenge and to see who won the unmounted stamp from The Stampsmith.....

Congratulations, Hazel. Please email us at with your contact details and we will send out your prize.

Now on to your shining creations - enjoy the show!

If you would like to visit an individual artist's blog, click on the slide show and you will be taken to the photo album, which contains their links.

Come back tomorrow for a new Random Redhead Challenge!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Inspiration in Ink: Fruits of Fashion

Usually when I get inspired by something I saw in a magazine, it's a stamping magazine that draws me in. The inspiration for this particular project came from a more broader-based magazine, Martha Stewart Living.

When I saw Jean's wonderful tutorial on leaf prints, it reminded me of an article I had seen awhile back in Martha Stewart Living about decorating a backpack with apple prints. I decided not only to try my own fruit bag but also to use vegetables as well for a different look.

My first tote I did pretty much as the directions on the Martha Stewart website indicated. It was very simple.

For supplies, you need:
assorted fruits and/or vegetables with interesting shapes
fabric paint in a few complimentary colors
plain fabric totes, t-shirts or bags *
foam paint brushes
paper plates (these will be your palettes)
fabric marker for stems

* available at most craft stores

First, you have to cut your fruit or vegetable, then apply fabric paint with a brush to the now-flat part of your food stamp and finally press onto the tote bag as you would with any inked stamp. Extremely simple, right?

Well, as I often find when I try things the first time, it doesn't always work out as expected. A couple of my stamped images had imperfect edges or were a little light in the middle. No problem! I just dipped my handy foam brush into the paint and patched up the areas that I wanted to fix.

To finish it off, I used a fabric marker to add stems to my various fruits. Here's what the finished piece looks like:

For my second project, I wanted to see what I could do with vegetables to make a less obvious pattern. When you stamp an apple, it looks like an apple! I started out with an artichoke and some green fabric paint. I thought the lovely layers would make a great texture splotch on my next bag. I was right! The impression was just yummy!

To start, I poured some fabric paint directly onto my paper plate palette and then made sure that there was fairly even coverage by spreading the paint with my foam brush. I then placed the artichoke directly in the paint and used it as a standard stamp. It even came with its own handle!

For other shapes, I picked a pepper, a carrot and a bit of celery. I started with the pepper, stamping it in a light tan color, slightly overlapping the artichoke impressions here and there. As with a stamping project, I went off the edge a little here and there for some more visual interest.

Next, I added electric orange circles using my carrot. Then, I used the cut end of a bit of celery to make some yellow patterns. Finally, I thought my beautiful pepper rings looked a little bare. I used a mushroom top to put some wonderful imperfect circles in the middle of the rings.

It looks a little crazy, but I really liked the effect. What I love most is that most people would never guess I made it by raiding my refrigerator.

Here's my finished bag:
If you are looking for a super quick and fun way to decorate a tote or t-shirt, stamping with fruits and vegetables is certainly an appetizing way to may some delicious fashion items!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Cornish Heritage Farms- Sneak peek

A little sneak peek for the new release of Horse and Rider. Due to be released on the 27th. See all the new releases at this months sponsor Cornish Heritage Farms
designed by Lynn Stevens

Friday, October 23, 2009

Winner of the Cornish Heritage Farms How To Guide

We had so many great comments but only one can win!

#15 Linda (Leenda)!

Please email with your address within 30 days to claim your prize!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Wrap-Up: GC23 - Black, White & Silver

It's time to wrap-up another challenge and announce the winner of the Gone With The Wind stamp from The Stampsmith. The randomly drawn winner is:

from Inking Feeling

Congratulations Andrea! Please email us at with your contact details and we will send out your prize.

Now are you ready to see all the elegant creations we had for the Black, White & Silver color challenge? If you would like to visit an individual artist's blog, click on the slide show and you will be taken to the photo album, which contains their links.

Come back tomorrow for another color challenge and in the meantime check out the current challenges in the side bar.

Collage Corner: Halloween Masking

Usually I am masking my collage, today I decided to collage a mask instead! With Halloween just a couple weeks away, I decided to create some new customized wall art for my ghoul-gilded house!

What You Need:
- base plastic mask
- sheets from an old book
- various designer papers
- various Distress Inks
- gel medium
- paint brush
- poster board
- double-sided tape
- masking tape
- wire-edged ribbon
- feathers
- rubber gloves

The first thing I did was to choose my designer papers. I knew that I would be using them sparingly but I wanted to establish my color scheme before proceeding. I picked these great Halloween papers from Cosmo Cricket.

Then, I started the project by putting a base layer of paper on the mask. I wanted to use light-weight paper for this first layer as I thought it would mold better to the mask. I ripped out some pages from an old book I had, the Complete Prophesies of Nostradamus, but they appeared to be way too clean and white for the look I wanted. I applied some Ranger Distress Inks direct to the paper to give it a more aged and less fresh look. I started with Old Paper (big surprise), then applied some Antique Linen and a little Tea Dye. The result was a paper of similar color to one of the Cosmo Cricket papers.

Starting with the nose and eye area, I started placing small strips of the distressed pages onto the mask. I brushed gel medium onto the mask before laying down each piece and then applied it again on top of each piece once the paper was in place. I continued in this way until the whole mask was covered. I let the piece dry before doing the next step. Yes, sometimes I actually do wait for things to dry!

The next thing I wanted to do was add some color to the top of the mask with some of the designer paper. I tore this into fairly small pieces so that it would lie flat on the mask.

Again, I applied gel medium to the mask before placing the pieces and, once the piece was placed, again over top of the new piece making sure to brush well over the edges. Here's where I realized I was getting more gel medium on my hands than on the mask and went in search of rubber gloves. Next time, I will start with the gloves! Once I had some protection for my hands, I felt freer to burnish the pieces with my fingers as well as the brush.

Once I had covered the top portion of the mask with designer paper, I added two collage images to the lower portion of the mask. I set the mask aside to let it dry again.

Next, I decided I wanted to give my mask more height. The focus for October here at Gingersnap Creations is using natural materials in your art. I decided to use feathers to provide some height. To create this "crown" for the mask, I traced the mask onto a piece of scrap paper and then used the tracing to cut a semi-circle out of poster board a 1/2" larger than the mask. I then cut the inside a 1/2" from the tracing as well. I needed the crown to be able to be attached to the mask. Cutting small triangles from the inner circle to the mask outline, I created tabs.

Then, I added some double-sided tape to the outer rim of the crown. I pleated some 1.5" gold wire-edged ribbon around the outer edge of the crown using the double-sided tape to hold down the pleats.

To finish off the crown, I turned it over, adding more double-sided tape, and affixed some feathers to the back. I secured the feather quills with masking tape. When I used to do needlework, I would try and make my backs look as nice as my fronts but I know that when making wall art I can be a little messy on the back. After getting the feathers to stay in place, I secured the tabs I had cut to the inside of the mask.

That's it! Here's the finished piece:

Halloween Masquerade Mask
Base: plastic mask form (Zucker Feather Products)
Paper: Eerie, Macabre, and Gothic from the Haunted Line (Cosmo Cricket) - all double-sided!; pages out of an old book
Collage Images: girl with pumpkin (Artchix Studio); woman in cloak (Inka Stamps)
Ink: Old Paper, Antique Linen and Tea Dye (Ranger Distress Inks)
Adhesive: gel medium (Liquitex); double-sided tape (Stampin Up); masking tape (generic)
Tools: paint brush, palette, rubber gloves
Embellishments: feathers (Touch of Nature); 1.5" gold wire-edged ribbon (Michael's); piece of green harvest potpourri (no idea what it is but it looked good on the mask)

Hope you try one of these fun masks!

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