Monday, October 12, 2009

Clean and Simple Cards Warhol Style

The Warhol technique that appeared in the Feb/Mar '05 edition of Technique Junkies is ideal for making clean and simple cards. To ensure that your cards really pack a punch - here are a few tips:

1. As with most clean and simple (CAS) cards, these ones include a lot of white space. Make sure that each image is stamped fully and clearly, any mistakes will really jump off the card.

2. Ink around the edges of the stamped squares for good definition.

3. To ensure even spacing, position your punched images in the corner of a larger piece of c/stock and trim afterwards with a ruler and craft knife. And don't forget to use a stamp positioner for straight sentiments.

4. When gluing down the stamped images, make certain that the glue reaches right to the edges. After several days, the corners will begin to lift and that doesn't look good! My preference for this type of project is a liquid adhesive or gel medium rather than an adhesive roller. With a liquid I can get right into the corners and there is room to move them around slightly for exact positioning. Experiment and see what works best for you.

5. Save time by using a punch rather than cutting out card stock shapes. And you don't have to use a square punch, how about circles or tags! This is an awesome way to use up scraps of card stock cluttering up your work table.

6. Add a little something extra! It could be a well placed embellishment, some texture or a hint of sparkle. For a clean and simple card, do just that and keep it simple, otherwise you will detract from the main image.

All stamps used in these cards are from Cornish Heritage Farms. To learn more about them, read Sharon's interview and come back Wednesday for another challenge with a chance to win some Cornish stamps.

Stamps (all Cornish Heritage Farms):
Inchie Style, Haute Couture & Fall Harvest


  1. What a great idea, Ali! These images look fantastic repeated, Warhol-style. Such wonderful impact. And thanks for the tips on aligning them properly. (I am alignment-challenged, LOL!)

  2. Beautiful cards, Ali! This technique really suits CAS cards. Love all your great tips and tricks to making the cards really shine!

  3. These are great. Very different makes from my fashionista makes. They will be posted soon.

  4. Gorgeous cards, they are all so clean and beautiful looking x

  5. I really enjoyed this. Very well written and put together. Thankyou.


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