Thursday, October 8, 2009

Lynn Stevens: Need Some Halloween Inspiration?

How about some Potions to cast all those spells this Halloween? Stamps from Stamp Francisco.

Or some fun coffin pendants?

An altered tin, "Wicked Heart"? Stamped images by Stampers Anoumous.

or a spoon pendant? Perfect for your favorite Ghoul Friend! Check out the tutorial in our archives.

How about a wee little witch hiding all her secret potions just waiting to cast her spell on you?

Or just a fun Halloween card? Collage image by Collagevisions.

What friend wouldn't love this Halloween card candy?

Or even some fun easy ATC's? Collage images by Collagevisions and Itkupelli.

A few altered Matchbox shrines would make Great little pins this Halloween!

The following pieces are for a Hallowen Haunted House book. Make your own version this year!

And last but not least....a couple of coffin pins that really open with a delightfully spooky image inside. Collage images from Itkupelli.

I hope this inspired you to create some Spooktacular Halloween fun this year. Happy Haunting!

Lynn Stevens - Contributing artist


  1. Frightfully fantastic Halloween ideas and gorgeous art! Love it, Lynn!

  2. Wow! Fabulous, Fun & Frightful. You inspired me indeed. Off to see that my wee little brain can concoct.

  3. Fantastic, Lynn! You have definitely inspired me to get spooky. Love it ALL!

  4. Wow, Lynn! I love the matchboxes and the boy tin! This is some much needed inspiration. Thanks so much for the link, how fun!
    ~ Autumn Clark

  5. how fun are these!!!!!! i don't "go all out" for halloween, but i enjoy looking at all of these. my favorite is the match boxes. so tiny, and i love making tiny things.

  6. Wow, these are all totally SPOOK-TACUlaR!!!!! I love all of Lynns work...she is a true star xx

  7. Thanks for all your fun ideas!!! I am definitely inspired!

  8. Gorgeous pieces ! I am sure there are lots of people enjoying them as much as i am :)


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