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Manufacturer Mania: PaperTemptress

This month, we are getting totally tempted by some pleasing papers! Gingersnap Creations is honored to welcome the PaperTemptress as our November challenge sponsor!

Recently, I had the distinct pleasure of interviewing a woman really passionate about paper, Patricia the PaperTemptress herself!

Q: You just celebrated your one year anniversary! Congratulations! What has been the best thing that has happened during this first year?

A: This is an easy question, I have met such wonderful, caring, and talented designers and that PaperTemptress has been sucessful and met many of the goals that were set for the first year (the main one was to stay open LOL).

Q: What is it about paper that tempts the Paper Temptress?

A: Paper is the foundation to most everything and is available in beautiful colors, textures, weights, and finishes. What isn't tempting about paper? Paper is my canvas.

Artwork by Patricia the PaperTemptress

Q: You have a lot of different types of paper on offer at your store. Can you tell us about a few of them and for what kinds of projects they are best used?

A: It isn't a secret that the Lustre line is my favorite line, but I like pretty and shiny, which the lustre line is, but I absolutely love all the cardstock that is carried for many reasons. PaperTemptress carries paper that you can't find anywhere else like the new Bright White Digital Gloss and the Jazzy Cream Digital Gloss which is a very lightweight but strong glossy that I am now using to print pictures for my scrapbook pages and cards, but can be used like any glossy paper is. This is the same glossy paper that most magazines use. It prints beautifully without the bulk of a photo paper or even the weight of a thicker cardstock.

Lustre Laser Package

PaperTemptress carries all weights that you could ever desire including a
180# Heavy Heavy Heavenly White that is perfect for designing book covers and projects that require a heavier weight without having to add additional support. It is the highest quality white cardstock on the market with a chipboard weight. Where else are you going to find something like that? All of the Heavenly White that PaperTemptress carries LOVES LOVES LOVES Copic Markers and doesn't bleed at all.

PaperTemptress also carries an incredibly wonderful chipboard that cuts like butter with digital cutters, so it isn't just your boring average cardstock here!

There is a huge selection of colored
glossy cardstock, including the Ultimate Glossy which is truly spectacular! Soon, the Neenah Classic Crest, that is so popular with copic markers, will be added in a blue and green. You often see a cream or ivory stamping cardstock but not a blue and green. I am interested to see the designs created.

PaperTemptress has the largest selection of speciality cardstock online. 12" x 12" sheets are available in assorted colors in most of the paperlines. Custom cuts larger than 12" x 12" are available also in a few paperlines, so if interested please email me at

A design created with PaperTemptress' speciality cardstock will be looked at over and over again. I hear from my customers all the time about how they drool over the paper when it arrives.

Q: What inspired you to open the PaperTemptress store?

A: I am an internet shopaholic and have spent a great deal of time on most stamp companies sites so when I ordered some paper samples from a paper wholesaler and saw just how beautiful they were I was stunned that I had never seen these cardstocks before.

I instantly knew that had to change and quickly. I truly believe that the two major American cardstock manufacturers have nice papers but they had pretty much taken over the craft paper market which was a real shame since there are so many beautiful cardstocks available.

Also some of the really nice speciality cardstocks were available but you couldn't buy them in less then a quantity of 25 sheets. I know I wouldn't use 25 sheets of most colors.

So hence PaperTemptress [came into existence], with a business plan of selling one sheet if that is what the customer wants. I have had customers order just one sheet, it was one sheet of the luscious
Cream Velvet but still one sheet! I was able to send two sheets since PaperTemptress only charges what the actual shipping is and since the shipping rate that was charged when she placed the order was more than the shipping I was able to include 1 more sheet of cardstock.

Artwork by Patricia the PaperTemptress

I take a great deal of pride in offering many, many different colors, textures, and finishes to stimulate your creativity. PaperTemptress' cardstock is a design element and not just something to hold all the design elements.

I am still surprised that little ole me has discovered some of the most amazing cardstock when I know there are buyers out there that are paid a lot of money that haven't discovered these gems like the lustre and leather line. The best of many paper lines available all in one place!

Q: I am sure our readers would love to know more about Patricia the Paper Temptress! Can you share a little about yourself with us?

A: I am a mother of three and a grandmother of four, who truly are my heart walking outside my body! I spend a lot of time with my Grandbabies, but they are the only thing that comes before creating!!

I have always made things and just got into paper and rubber stamps about 5 years ago. Actually, Carol Duvall and Sandy Genevese perked my interest and it has just exploded since. I was in a very serious accident 11 years ago and haven't been able to work since so this is what has really kept me sane and grounded (well as sane and grounded as I can be LOL)!

Q: The Paper Temptress supports some great charities. Can you tell us about them and how you help their cause?

A: I support several [charities] and plan on doing more in the next year.

I currently support which is an organization that sends cards to very ill people. some terminal. PaperTemptress donates a different paper package every month for one designer who submits cards and then a $25 gift certificate every quarter for the person who submitted the most cards in that quarter.

PaperTemptress also donates money to send two boxes of cards every quarter to
Operation Write home which as most of us know is the organization that sends cards to the soldiers so they have an ample supply of cards to send home. PaperTemptress would love to donate cardstock for any gathering of designers that are making cards for either of these organizations, so please keep this in mind next time you are organizing a stamp gathering.

Artwork by Debby Boltman

I am very interested in starting an organization that would make cards to donate to a different Ronald McDonald's house every month, so that is high on my list of things to do in 2010.

PaperTemptress has also been donating cardstock to a designer for
Operation Quiet Comfort. This organization supplies things directly to the medics, nurses, doctors and other healthcare workers who take care of our Wounded Warriors wounded on the front lines. Part of what they do, and especially the designer I am dealing with, is making cards [with themes] such as: thinking of you, thank you for your service and thank you cards for the medics, doctors and nurses for their service caring for our wounded warriors.

Q: You keep life fun for your customers who follow your blog. Can you tell us
about your recent Treasure Hunt and what other great stuff we can find on your blog?

The treasure hunt has been a blast! Each of my designers posted a letter that created a word but in a jumbled order so you have to visit each blog to find out what the letter was. Once you figure out what the word is, then you email to enter into a giveaway that will be held on Wednesday November 4, 2009 at Midnight PT.

Artwork by Debby Boltman

Even though all the designers have already posted their designs and letters, the contest is still open until November 4th, so if you want to play along
start here and then move up the blog to find the links to the designer's blogs that you need to visit to get another letter. The more people that enter the more Variety Paper Packages are going to be given away so be sure to spread the word since everyone's chances to win increase with more entries.

I also try to make the blog interesting for everyone from beginners to experts. All the designers have very different styles and many, many stamp companies are represented. It is also very easy to see designs made with a certain line of PaperTemptress' cardstock! Just select the paperline's tag on the left sidebar that you are interested in and all designs created with that paperline are shown. There are posts almost every day, so it stays very active. There are a lot of fun tips, tutorials and hopefully a lot of inspiration available. I hope to add more video tutorials in the next year.

I am most proud of the program that has been started for young artist under the age of 18 which is called PaperPrincess or PaperPrince. I pick a young artist to be a guest designer for a month and their designs have been amazing! I have had a 9-year-old from London and, currently, my little PaperPrincess is in Canada and should be showcasing her work in November. If you know of any young artist, please let me know so I can see if they would like to be a PaperPrincess or a PaperPrince.

Artwork by The Hamster, PaperPrince - July 2009

Q: What is your favorite part about being part of the stamping community?

A: I have learned so many incredible techniques and styles through the stamping community and I have made many lifetime friends. I love all of the talent and spend hours reading blogs and enjoying everyone's designs. They have truly made me a better artist.

Artwork by Janette Olen

Thank you so much for joining us at Gingersnap Creations today, Patricia! I just loved getting to know more about the your business and spending time getting to know you!

Our readers can look forward to seeing lots of fun creations with this awesome paper all month!

Please note: all the designs shown in the interview are reproduced from the Paper Temptress Community blog or the blogs of its design team with the permission of the PaperTemptress. All designs are the work of the designers credited and retain their original copyrights.


  1. What a Great interview. I really enjoyed learning about Patricia and how Paper Temptress started. Her papers are so yummy. I used them in my most recent post. I wish her much success in the coming years!

  2. Lovely interview, Patricia! You've done great in your first year!!

  3. Very nice interview! Happy Anniversary- loved the blog hop and I hope you sure even more successful in your 2nd year!

  4. Wonderful interview Patricia! I'm so glad you are getting some recognition for all of your hard work. The papers are to die for!! We are still getting wonderful responses from the invitations and wedding programs using your papers. Thanks so much for those late night chats and for all of your caring help.
    "Hugs" Granny

  5. Great interview! I loved the little "product spotlights" - suggestions for some cool papers that I never would have known about. I'll have to try some more! Thanks, Patricia!

  6. I have the wonderful luck of living very close to you, Sweet Patricia the PaperTemptress! Your creativity and giving heart are an inspiration to everyone you come in contact with! YAY! Congrats on a great interview! I wish you much success in years ahead of you!


Thanks for your wonderful words!

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