Monday, December 21, 2009

Collage Corner: Paste and Paper

To get over my initial angst over doing some actual collage work, I took a wonderful course a couple of years ago with the fabulous Kelly Kilmer.

Not only did Kelly get me over my anxiety, she made it all so much fun that my creative spirit overcame my analytical mind and shouted out some collage fun right onto the pages of my then brand new workbook.

Here are a few pieces I made in Kelly's class with just a few gentle prompts and easy exercises.

This piece started with a goal of just getting lots of paper down on the page and seeing how different combinations changed the final product. After the page was covered, we added touches to make it our own.

This exercise was a great way for me to just get into the fun of ripping, gluing and placement. I had a ton of fun figuring out how different visual textures worked together.

The purpose of the next exercise was to show us how elements work together.

I loved this picture because she looked, to me, like she is in deep thought about something. I love her focus into the distance.

For the next piece, we were given the idea of making stripes and then ran with it. I wanted to get the feeling of play into this piece so the playing cards were a natural addition.

Once, I had finished the class, I was completely jazzed about doing lots more spreads. I took Kelly at her word that collage was completely portable and packed up my papers, magazine clippings, embellishments, brushes and glue and brought them to my mom's house for a vacation over the New Year's weekend.

Here's the two pages I created:

Over the summer, I took another course with Kelly where we made a fabulous handmade book. It was great fun and really pushed my comfort zone which is always a good thing!

Next week, I will have the pleasure of interviewing my personal collage hero, the fabulous mixed media artist and instructor, Kelly Kilmer! Please visit us on the 28th when I have a chat with the woman who opened up the joy of collage art for me.


  1. Shar, I really enjoyed seeing your collage pages!
    very freeing isn't it!

  2. This is fantastic. Great article. Love the crow page in particular.

  3. Thanks so much for sharing your lessons in collage. I am sure I will use them when I delve into collage...

  4. Shar--looking forward to the interview! 2010 is my year to overcome my fears and explore collage!!!

  5. Just loved this post and your pages too. I love that bird one.

  6. Oh, these are really kewl....I'm torn (sorry, I just couldn't help myself here) between the crow/raven and the beautiful starlet in the glass....very interesting, I am luvin' it. Looking forward to the interview.


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