Thursday, December 31, 2009

Reasons to Stamp in January

A new year, in fact a new decade, is upon us and one of my resolutions is to give away more of the cards I make. If you would like to join me on my quest to spread paper crafting happiness during 2010, then here are some reasons to make and send a card during January. From the serious to the strange, you're sure to find an occasion to inspire you.

1. New Year's Day

Late on those holiday cards? Why not send out a lovely card celebrating the New Year instead? Better yet, get in the party mood with your ink and show off your 2010 style!

Artwork by Sharon Briss

2. Happy Mew Years for Cats

Everyone has at least one friend or relative that is crazy about cats. Why not make their day and share a fabulous feline card on this fun holiday?

Artwork by Sharon Briss

3. New Year's Resolutions Week (3rd-9th)

Time to make those resolutions again! Why not make a creation to inspire you throughout the year to follow your own dream for 2010!

Artwork by Jo Capper-Sandon

4. Trivia Day

Have a ton of great facts to share but no reason to relay them? Look no further, Trivia Day is here! Now, you can astound your friends with lovely cards with fun facts!

5. Bird Day

Let your imagination fly free on Bird Day! Make a lovely creation celebrating our feathered friends!

Artwork by Joanne Wardle

Artwork by Erika Taylor

Artwork by Ali Manning

6. 12th Night / 3 Kings Day

The twelve days of Christmas actually starts on Christmas Day and extends to January 6th and, in the Christian faith, commemorates the journey that the magi took to reach the Holy Child.

So, if you have put away all those 12 Days and magi sets, get them back out again! You can get an extreme headstart on your Christmas cards for next year!

Artwork by Sharon Briss

7. I'm Not Going to Take It Anymore Day

We've all felt this way once in awhile. Why not take out your angst in your art and create a lasting tribute to you taking a stand!

8. Learn to Ski Day

With the winter weather comes wonderful, frosty winter sports! Send your favorite ski buff an alpine-themed card or enclose a gift certificate for a ski lesson in a handmade creation and send it to that friend who dreams of hitting the slopes this year!

9. Positively Penguins Day

Perpetually dressed up in black tie attire for the New Year, penguins make great images to decorate those thank you and thinking of you cards you've been meaning to make! Put a little antarctic art in someone's mailbox this week!

10. Universal Letter Writing Week (8th-14th)

Here's a great excuse to get in touch with all those long-lost buddies of yours who you kept meaning to write last year! Get inspired with thoughts of ink wells, quills and typewriters and get in touch!

Artwork by Jean Franks Beck

Artwork by Lynn Stevens

11. National Clean Off Your Desk Day

January and organization go hand in hand. Why not make some desk art to inspire you to keep that desk clean and neat this year!

12. International Creativity Month

This one needs no further comment! Just go create to your heart's content!

Artwork by Erika Taylor

13. Rubber Duckie Day

Rubber Duckies have a habit of making people smile! Why not create a handmade smile using these cute little guys and send it to someone and quack them up!

Artwork by Sharon Briss

14. National Hot Tea Month

Nothing beats a lovely cuppa in the depth of the winter! Know a tea-tottler? Why not brew up something fun to send them?

Artwork by Lynn Stevens

15. National Skating Month

Lace up those pretty skates and glide toward some fun winter art! Icy ponds, delicate skaters, frosty air - what more inspiration do you need?

Artwork by Jean Franks Beck

Artwork by Lynn Stevens

16. Appreciate a Dragon Day

Fire up your creativity for this mythic day and make a creation of legend!

Artwork by Laura Liddell

Artwork by Erika Taylor

17. Hunt for Happiness Week (17th to 23rd)

Send a little happiness in the form of a handmade creation to a friend who needs a paper hug!

Artwork by Ali Manning

18. Martin Luther King Day

Celebrate the life of this extraordinary civil rights leader with an papercrafted tribute to his legacy!

Artwork by Jo Capper-Sandon

19. Rid the World of Fad Diets and Gimmicks Day

Hip Hip Hooray to this one! Why not create a positive goal journal for whatever your weight resolutions are this year and toss out all those fad diet books! Inspire yourself with good nutrition and exercise! Don't forget, crafting burns calories!

20. No Name Calling Week (20th to 24th)

Why not lose the nickname this week and make some personalized or monogrammed notecards just for yourself with your name or initials?

21. National Hugging Day

Send out some paper hugs to your favorite friends!

22. Celebration of Life Day

Have some fun with this wonderful theme and make a creation showing how you celebrate life!

Artwork by Ali Manning

23. National Pie Day

Homemade goodness! Nothing beats a wonderful warm pie, but a pretty pie-themed card is almost as good! Why not cook up some great cards today!

Artwork by Lynn Stevens

24. National Compliment Day

Why not enclose a much deserved compliment in a fabulous handcrafted card?

25. National Take Back Your Time Week (25th to 29th)

Over-worked? Over-stressed? Over-loaded? Take back your time and use it for some fun crafting this week!

26. National Speak Up and Succeed Day

Here's a day to send that note of encouragement to that special someone!

27. National Mentoring Month

Why not send a note to that one person who helped you find your path? It's never too late to say thank you.

28. Current Design of Canadian Flag is Chosen by Parliment - 1965

Why not make something Canadian today, eh? Really, it does not have to include a moose, an RCMP officier or a hockey player! Shar is Canadian and she chose an image reminscient of the Group of Seven style, Canadian landscape artists of the 1920s. She added some maple leaves and a line from the Canadian National Anthem for her sentiment. So, get creative, eh?

Artwork by Sharon Briss

29. Freethinkers Day

Open up your mind and use the first idea you have to create something amazing today!

30. Rising Star Month

Know a rising star? Why not send them a celestial-themed note to tell them how much they shine?

31. Inspire Your Heart with Art Day

Take a break from thinking about your art and just make something straight from the heart! You may be happily surprised by the results!

Artwork by Erika Taylor

Artwork by Laura Liddell

Happy 2010 from the Gingersnaps Team!


  1. Fab Creations girls and what a lot off inspiration...Hugs Avril xxx

  2. Goodness so many days, lovely work.

  3. Love this post and I'm heading off to the individual sites....

  4. Happy New Year to all of the Design Team and to all of our loyal Gingersnap Fans. may this year be filled with blessings and prosperity for you.

  5. Wow, So many great ideas! Congrats to all the contributing artists!

  6. A whole lotta of creative goodness going on over here.

    Happy 2010
    chriss x

  7. Wow, so many beautiful cards! This is very promissing for the new year! I guess it is going to be a good one.
    Happy, Healthy and a Creative New Year to everyone from Holland!


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