Saturday, February 27, 2010

Guide to Our Interviews

We love interviews here at Gingersnap Creations and we've had a few of them, so we thought we would make them easy to find.

Please find below a list of interviews alphabetically by interviewee's first name. We will update this post as new interviews occur and there will be a permanent link to it on our menu bar.

Stamp Manufacturers

Frances Naeve of Hearts in Touch

Jennie of The Artistic Stamper

Liz and Richard Pomeroy of Cornish Heritage Farms

Mary Lee of Serendipity Stamps

Patricia of the Paper Temptress

Robyn Phelan Sharp of Artistic Outpost

Suzanne Melvin of Oxford Impressions

Visiting Artists

Jack Sherman, stamp designer for The Stampsmith

Kelly Kilmer, mixed media and collage artist and instructor

We hope you join us for future interviews with artists, company owners and others in the stamping community.

This post last updated 2/5/10.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Reasons to Stamp in March

The short month of February is behind us and March is around the corner. If the Spring sunshine hasn't arrived in your part of the world yet, why not brighten someone's day with a hand made card. There are plenty of fun holidays to celebrate this month - let the March Madness begin!

1. Beer Day

Time to make some wonderfully frothy cards for this fun holiday. No need to describe how it is celebrated.

Created by Erika Taylor

Created by Debby Boltman

2. National Procrastination Week

You could put it off but why wait with this holiday week? Have you been putting off getting in touch with that long-lost friend or finishing off that half-done project? Kick the procrastination and get going!

3. National Anthem Day

Why not take a minute to celebrate your country to day with a paper ode to your national anthem?

Created by Debby Boltman

4. March Forth - Do Something Day

If that isn't a demand to stamp, I am not sure what is! Think marching and parades. How about some wonderful month of March inspired creations?

Created by Debby Boltman

5. International Mirth Month

Fun, fun, and funny! Here's your cue to may a humorous card today!

Created by Lynn Stevens

6. Iditarod Race Starts

The Iditarod is a sled dog race held every year in Alaska. Have any cute husky stamps? Time to break them out to celebrate this chilly race!

7. National Be Heard Day

Need to say something really loud? Why not say it with your art!

8. International Working Women's Day

Send your favorite working woman a card and make her day!

9. Get Over It Day

Time to let old greivances go and let bygones be bygones! How about making some art that lets others in on "letting go" with a firm Get Over It message.

Created by Debby Boltman

10. Celebrate Your Name Week

What does your name mean? Why not find out and use that meaning as inspiration for your art? Include a monogram or initial in your designs.

11. Johnny Appleseed Day

Apples may be far from back in season but we can still celebrate Johnny Appleseed with some lovely paper representations!

Created by Erika Taylor

12. Girl Scout Day

Know a girl scout or girl guide? Make her smile with a hand-crafted hug!

13. Earmuffs Day

It's still chilly outside but we can feel all warm and cozy making a cheery card featuring someone or something in earmuffs!

Created by Sharon Briss

14. International Ask a Question Day

Have a question to ask? Well, the medium is the message...or is that the mixed media is the message? Speak through your art.

Artwork by Debby Boltman

15. Ides of March - death of Julius Caesar 44 BC

While not the happiest day for Julius Caesar, here's a reason to break out any of those Roman themed stamps and make a card. Have no images that fit? Why not go for the simpler theme of Beware the Ides of March.

16. Wildlife Week

What a great reason to pull out all your great animal stamps! Why not send your favorite animal lover a lovely handcrafted card.

Created by Erika Taylor

Created by Lynn Stevens

17. St. Patrick's Day

Think Irish. Think green. Think shamrocks and leprecauns. Have fun with this fabulous holiday!

Created by Sharon Briss

Created by Joanne Wardle

18. Awkward Moments Day

Um...well, about immortalizing all those awkward pauses and moments with some fabulous and fun papercrafting!

Created by Jo Capper-Sandon

19. Swallows Return to San Juan Capistrano Day

When the Swallows return to Capistrano, can Spring be far behind? Be inspired by the theme of birds, California, spanish culture or simply Spring.

Created by Laura Liddell

Created by Ali Manning

20. American Chocolate Week

A wonderfully rich and smooth color as well as a fantastic treat! Who needs a special reason to celebrate chocolate?

Created by Lynn Stevens

Created by Debby Boltman

21. Memory Day

Capture a sweet memory on a card or scrapbook page today.

Created by Ali Manning

22. International Goof-Off Day

Today, make whatever you WANT to make. Forget about what you HAVE to make. Celebrate leisure and relaxation.

23. National Puppy Day

Anybody need an excuse to use a cute puppy in their cards? I thought not.

Created by Lynn Stevens

Created by Debby Boltman

24. National Umbrella Month

The rain is starting up again...time to haul out those umbrellas and those umbrella stamps.

Created by Erika Taylor

Created by Lynn Stevens

25. World Folk Tales and Fables Week

Here's a wonderful inspiration - fables, folk tales and fairy tales. Bring your favorite childhood tale to life with some great stamping!

Created by Lynn Stevens

26. Make Up Your Own Holiday Day

How great is this day? Have a ton of fun creating your own reason to celebrate!

Created by Laura Liddell

Created by Debby Boltman

27. National Craft Month

The sky is the limit when celebrating National Craft Month! Make a creation which shows what crafting means to you.

28. National Cleaning Week

Domestic goddess or not, we can all find some inspiration in this squeaky, clean inspiration.

Created by Laura Liddell

29. Passover

The Passover holy days commemorate the escape from Egypt of the enslaved Hebrews. Think freedom for your inspiration today!

Artwork by Sharon Briss

30. Pencil Day When is the last time you had those pencils out to create? Celebrate Pencil Day with a fabulous creation using colored pencils, watercolor pencils, charcoal pencils, or pastel chalk pencils.

31. National "She's Funny That Way" Day

Immortalize your favorite friend's funniest quirks with your art today!

Created by Debby Boltman

Created by Laura Liddell

Happy Creating!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Tutorial : Tag in a card

I love making tags, and often would rather make them instead of a card. I wanted to find a way to incorporate a tag into a card, so that the recipient can remove the tag, and each piece stands alone.

I hit on this simple card fold idea, which has a removable tag, which could be used as a bookmark. The greeting is written on the reverse of the tag, and due to the gusset fold of the card, it doesn't collapse when on display, as top folded cards often can.

To make, cut two pieces of card to the measurements shown.

Score and fold

and glue the tabs inside, leaving a slit open at the top

for the tag to fit into

This leaves you two bare surfaces to decorate. Remember to save all your dimensional decorations for the front of the card or the top of the tag, as the tag needs to be flat to fit into the slit. This also makes it perfect for use as a book mark.

I decorated my card and tag with stamps from the artistic stamper's new heart plate.

I'd love to see what people do with this template,

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Wrap-Up: GC40 - Numbers

We received another crop of beautiful entries for our Numbers Challenge - it's gets harder and harder each week to narrow down the Ginger Gems!

The randomly drawn winner of the set, Pithy Sayings from Serendipity Stamps is.....

at Hollyspinner

Congratulations, Holly! Your entry will be featured as our Yahoo Group homepage art for one week and you'll receive this beautiful Serendipity stamp set. Please email us at by March 23 to claim your prize.

And now for our fabulous Ginger Gems. When each challenge closes, we pick 5 Ginger Gems - fabulous creations that we feel really exemplify that challenge's objective. The Ginger Gems appear in a slide show in the blog bar for the entire week and their creators have the honor of displaying this Ginger Gems blog badge. For more information about Ginger Gems and entering our challenges, please visit the FAQ page.

Again, choosing just 5 Gems proved impossible, so I had to pick 6 - here they are. Enjoy!

Ellen at Scrappanic

Gerrie at Queen of Grunge

Lynn from Adorn

Come back tomorrow for another Random Redhead Challenge - it's sure to be fun!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Valentine Blog Hop Winner

Thanks to everyone who joined us for our Valentine Blog Hop last week! We loved all your sweet comments!

The answer to the mystery quote, which so many of you got right, was:

At the touch of love, everyone becomes a poet.

Our randomly drawn winner of the blog candy is

Kay E.!

She's already been notified by email and we hope she gets back to us soon with her address. Congratulations, Kay! We need to hear from you by March 21, 2010!

While our blog hop is over, there is still a lot going on at Gingersnap Creations!

There's a Design Team Call for 2 full-time designers and a guest designer, on-going until March 12, 2010.

There are a bunch of challenges still on-going:
~ GC41: Chestnut Theme Challenge - Romance - closes February 28, 2010
~ GC42: Spicy Supply Challenge - Lace / Fibers - closes March 7, 2010
~ GC43: Color Challenge - 3 Colors You Love - closes March 14, 2010

We've had a lot of great tutorials already and there's another coming up on Thursday! Come back for Joanne Wardle's next tutorial!

Why not join in on some of our Gingersnapping fun?

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Ribbon Border Tutorial by Erika Taylor

Hi Everyone, I'm Erika Taylor and I am thrilled to bring you a tutorial today featuring ribbons used for borders. I am a ribbon fanatic and I'm constantly trying to find different ways to use and showcase it. So today I bring you a picture heavy tutorial on different ways I use my ribbon.

First I made a 6 card set using these wonderful 20's Ladies stamps from Artistic Stamper. I absolutely love the feminine flair these bring to any project. Here are the cards before the ribbon treatments

The first card I am just using a satin ribbon to create a simple bow, then trimming the edges.

The second card has a Dior bow attached and this is how you make it.

First cut 4 pieces of ribbon, the longest 3 should be cut at 1" increments. The forth ribbon is 2" max.

Take the longest piece and attach a glue dot to one end, then make a loop. Repeat this for the next two pieces.

Now layer the ribbons on top of one another and pinch together

With the final piece of ribbon,(attach adhesive tape to entire back) wrap around the ribbons you have layered together.

Your final ribbon will then look like this

Now to finish the second card.Such an easy bow that has serious impact.

Third card up and ready. This is one of the funnest borders to do and is so versatile. I call it a loop border. First you will need a few small ribbon pieces and one longer piece for finishing. Start off by applying tape adhesive to the card.

Then adhere each strip of small ribbon

Once all the small pieces are attached, apply another piece of tape adhesive across the top of the ribbons.


Fold each ribbon piece over creating a loop

Once all ribbons are folded over, apply strip of adhesive to last piece of ribbon and adhere  to finish edge.

Three cards down, three to go. hope you are all still with me.

For the next card you are going to need a stapler. This is a super easy way to create great ruffles without getting the sewing machine out.
First adhere the edge of the ribbon to your card.

Now take the stapler and staple your first pleat.

Continue stapling then folding

I used two colors of silk ribbon, so half way through, started from step one. and this is the final card.

The last two borders are super easy. First we have the ribbon knot finished with a pearl embellishment. I truly love the simplicity of this one. Try creating different edges to the ends of your ribbon by using decorative scissors.

And the final card of the six pack is a layered border. I started out with a 1 1/4" silk, then added satin and felt.

Start by putting tape adhesive onto the satin piece of ribbon first. Then adhere it to the Silk. Less wrinkles this way. Then add the felt on top.

Now flip the ribbon over and apply adhesive to the center. and add it onto your card.

That's 6 and this is the final results.

What a difference ribbon can make to any project. try your hand at a few of these simple techniques and let us see what you come up with. All the ribbon used in my cards today are from Really Reasonable Ribbon.

I just wanted to take a moment and thank everyone here at Gingersnap Creations. My term is almost over and I wanted to let each and every one of you know how much I've enjoyed being a part of such a great challenge site. Ali and Shar, you have been fantastic to work with. I've gained so much inspiration from each and every one of the Design Team members and have made some great friends along the way. Thank you so much for all of your kind words and encouragement. I've enjoyed being a part of Gingersnap Creations and I've been truly blessed to be a part of your creative journeys.

Erika Taylor

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