Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sharon Briss: Adding Dimension with Fiber

Using common fibers like wool, floss and twine, you can add dimension to your cards quickly and easily with things you probably already have in your tool kit or around your house.

I used the Twenties No. 1 set from The Artistic Stamper for my samples. I chose these images as they featured great places to add a little dimesion - fur collars, fur trim and fancy capes.

What you will need:

image with definable open space
suitable fiber
needle to accommodate fiber
hole punch just large enough to accommodate your fiber
pop dots

For the first sample, I used a medium thickness white wool, a #13 yarn needle and a 1/8" hole punch. I chose an image with a distinctive fur-trimmed coat.

Start by coloring and trimming your image as desired. The image will be a little thick in the areas where you choose to add the fiber and therefore hard to manipulate after you are finished.

Once you have your image the way you want it, you can punch holes along the top and bottom of the area that you want to "fill". Ensure that you leave enough space between the holes that the paper will not rip, but make them close enough that you will not have gaps.

Thread your needle with your selected fiber and bring it up through your first bottom hole and then down through your first top holeDepending on your design and the thickness of your fiber, you may want to repeat with these holes until you have suitable coverage.

Then, go up through bottom hole #1 and down through top hole #2. When you bring the needle up again, this time go through bottom hole #2. Repeat these steps across the area you want to cover. Secure the free end of the fiber with tape or thread through the stitches on the back of the image.

Once you have your area covered, you can mat and adhere your card as usual. I used pop dots on two of my examples although the mats for both are adhered directly to the image and then the mat is popped up. Popping up the image also allowed me to trim one of them in lace which was adhered with double-sided tape.

Here are two more examples. The following example uses a heavier gauge wool to give more of a fluffy look.

I placed the holes fairly regularly along the lines of the trim.

I added a metallic background panel to bring out the gold elements in the image, added with a metallic gold gel pen.

Finally, I used some gold metallic thread to create a golden cape for this fantastic flapper. For this one, I used a standard needle and a paper piercer rather than a hole punch.

Once you have done one card, you will see how quick it is to add a touch of tactile dimension to your cards!

Don't forget to play our Spicy Supply Challenge this month - Lace and Fibers!

You'll also want to come back on Saturday for our Valentine Blog Hop featuring more samples from our amazing Design Team using The Artistic Stamper's fabulous stamps and you might want to drop in tomorrow when we have a special surprise for you!


  1. So clever & very effective.Gorgeous :o)x

  2. Sharon, these look great, thanks for the tutorial.

  3. Fantastic tutorial! Very clever.

  4. this is absolutely brilliant!!! and you matched it perfectly with the gorgeous stamps!!!

  5. Absolutely fabulous. I'll be passing this link on to my fellow stampers.


  6. FAB tut the idea of combining the fibres through the cardstock...what a fab creation! Loving your cards x

  7. This is a very clear tutorial and I have never seen this technique before. It has worked beautifully on these cards. Thank you,

    Lucy x

  8. You clever clever girl! I never would of thought of this. Fabulous results. Wowza.

  9. Fabulous! What a difference that small touch makes!

  10. What a great idea. I wouldn't have thought about doing the holes. Thanks for the lesson. It is fabulous.

  11. These are fabulous Shar!! What a clever technique - I love both the fluffy ones and the gold!

  12. Wow Shar, These are Great and what dimension they add ,AWESOME!

  13. Beautiful! Reminds me of my days of doing needlework - we'd call this Turkeywork or stumpwork! It really adds eye-candy!

  14. Who's a clever girl then, these are just wicked Shar, i love em all, and the images work so well with the tecnique, i'd of never thought to do it but it looks so good i'm just gonna have to try myself :)
    hugs minxy

  15. wow! these are fabulous and add such dimension to the stamps.. dimension being my favourite lol

  16. Fabulous! Looks fantastic and thankyou for a great tutorial.

  17. I too, love dimension on cards and this works SO well! Beautifully creative!

  18. Beautiful cards...every single one of them. Off to find my fibers and play!

  19. What an awesome idea! I have tons of fibers - I will have to try this out!

    Ramona :-)

  20. Awesome tutorial thank you so much.


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