Thursday, February 4, 2010

Guide to Our Redhead Reviews

Occasionally, we take the time to review a product or book and try some fun projects with what is being reviewed.

We wanted to make an easy reference post for these reviews so we have listed them alphabetically for you. For future reference, there will be a permanent link to this post in the sidebar of the blog and it will updated as new reviews are completed. In addition, look for links to purchasing these products beside the links and in the sidebar.

Redhead Review: Collage Discovery Workshop By Claudine Hellmuth - 7/28/2009

Redhead Review: Collage Journeys by Jane Davies - 8/24/2009

Redhead Review: Cookbooking: A New Way to Scrapbook by Barbara Winkler - 11/20/2009

Redhead Review: Dreamweaver Embossing Paste

Redhead Review: Idea-ology Fragments - 6/23/2009

Redhead Review: Nature Inspired by Tracie Lyn Huskamp - 10/15/2009

Redhead Review: Scrapbooker's Creativity Kit by Claudine Hellmuth - 1/16/2010

Redhead Review: Shimmerz Spritz - 5/22/2009

Redhead Review: Smooch - 9/18/2009

Redhead Review: Stampin' Up! Watercolor Wonder Crayons - 4/21/2009

As we review more products and books, we will update this post. Last update was 1/28/10.

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  1. What an absolutely brilliant idea - it makes buying these less of a gamble and more of a pleasure.

    Thank you so very much


Thanks for your wonderful words!

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