Saturday, March 6, 2010

A Few Moments with Our March Muse

We delighted to welcome Lynne Moncrieff as our Monthly Muse for March. I had a lovely chat with Lynne about her art.

She has just joined the Stampsmith Design Team, so make sure to check out her samples on their blog. Lynne has also been published in several magazines including Simply Cards, Papercrafts, Craft Stamper, The Stampers' Sampler and Somerset Studio as well as reader's submissions in some UK cardmaking publications.

Q: How long have you been creating art?

A: It shocks me to say this as I love books and reading but my older sister reminds me, too often, that I scribbled on her books when I was little. As I now tell her, I was actually experimenting with Altered Art!!

I studied Art & Design at Secondary School (High School) but on leaving school I did not continue with art although always had an appreciation for art. Through illness and the resulting change in my lifestyle, I started to dabble in salt dough craft, quilling, glass painting, but nothing held my attention until I started cross-stitching and tapestry.

Although, I enjoyed both I needed something else and so, approximately five years ago, I started cardmaking and then discovering stamps I added A.T.C.s to the mix. In the past year and a half, I have started delving into altered art and mixed media.

Q: Lynne, what is your favorite creation?

A: I would probably say "Christmas Belle". It is a mixed media piece created in December 2009.

The base is foamcore board to which I used Gel Medium to adhere scrapbook paper (sheet music). I then recycled a velvet cardigan to form the drapes holding them back with leaves and holly berries (Christmas decorations) adding touches of glitter.

At the top, I adhered tartan ribbon gathering it at intervals with invisible thread and tying red ribbon into bows. Stamped lady from Character Construction cutting out the bottom panel, layering recycled sheet music behind panel. Colour image with NeoColor II water soluble crayons. Layer green and then gold mesh fabric around her skirt attaching at the rear of image. Edge bottom of skirt with tartan adhesive ribbon.

At her waist, wrap a piece of tartan ribbon and then a piece of red ribbon, tying into a knot. Add flat back pearls and black gems randomly to her skirt. Cut two tiny pieces of lace. Cut a slot in her hand and glue lace - this forms her handkerchief. Add the second piece to her hair along with a flat back pearl. Add another pearl to her necklace. To create a sense of depth cut pieces of foamcore board and adhere behind the image before placing her onto the "stage".

Q: Why is this your favorite piece?

A: My mother requested I make a decoration using the Character Construction stamp and also because it is the first piece of artwork on my Blog.

Q: What inspired this particular work?

A: The inspiration came purely from the stamp itself. In my mind I saw "Belle" at a ceilidh.

Q: What 3 tools could you not live without?

1) Baby wipes (I class them as a tool as I use them to apply all manner of paints, inks, Vaseline, etc.).
2) Make-up sponges as I use them to apply inks before stamping an image and also for inking edges and large sponges (used for car washing) to cut up and apply paints/Gesso/Johnsons Klear floor polish.
3) Speedball Brayer (for inking photo realistic stamps and large stamps) and inexpensive brayer from art shop (for smoothing out surfaces which I am bonding together and cardstock which I have crumpled to distress).

Q: What 3 supplies are always within arm's length?

1) Gesso.
2) Distress Inks. I don't have a full set but what I do have are used so often. My absolute favourites are Tattered Rose and Tea Dye.
3) Tombow stick to attach Unmounted stamps (which the majority of my stamps are) onto acrylic block.

If I were to be cheeky and add another, it would be embellishments as I adore embellishments whether purchased or found.

Q: Finally, what are your favorite techniques and why?

A: Stamping and distressing although I am started to enjoy incorporating fabric even though I cannot sew!

We thank Lynne for taking time out to share her favorite piece with us. She will be sharing a few more projects with us over the course of March. The first one will appear tomorrow. We hope that you check back to see them.

In the meantime, don't forget to visit Lynne's blog, Adorn, to see more of her beautiful creations.

All artwork shown in this post was created by Lynne Moncrieff.


  1. I enjoyed reading about Lynne and this is a wonderful post! she is ver inspiring as are all the ladies on this blog thanx for sharing Lynne

    Love Dawn xx

  2. Shar, I had fun chatting with you! Thank you for creating such a wonderful interview and the manner you have incorporated the individual artwork. Thank you and Ali again for giving me the honour of being your March Muse. Lynne xx

  3. great interview Lynne and some lovely work on show.

  4. these are such lovely creations and it was so nice getting to know you better! What talent!

  5. Great interview Lynne. Congrats on your recent Takes Ten projects, x

  6. Lost my previous comment in cyberspace!!! So to repeat....a great interview and congrats on your Take Ten projects, x

  7. Lynne's work is very different. I love it.

  8. These illustrations are absolutely amazing! It was nice going through your blog. Keep it up the good work.

  9. Great interview.
    I enjoyed learning more about Lynne, Her art provides a lot of inspiration for us in blogland!
    Lynne's work rocks!


Thanks for your wonderful words!

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