Monday, March 1, 2010

Happy Birthday to Us

It's a big day for us here at Gingersnap Creations! Today marks one year of Gingersnapping!

We are very excited about our big day, so this whole month will be dedicated to celebrations! What would a celebration be without a lovely layer cake so, for March, we will also be focusing on adding lovely layers to our art!

As with all parties, the more the merrier! Starting in March, we will be welcoming a Monthly Muse, a wonderful visiting artist to inspire us each month. Our Muse will join in some Gingersnapping fun and author a couple of posts for us as well as give us a glimpse of their favorite piece of personal art. This month, we welcome Lynne Moncrieff as our March Muse!

You'll also be seeing the art of some new Visiting Artists who will be helping us out with our challenges for a month! We are pleased to welcome Jules Eickmeier as our March Visiting Artist.

There's lots of challenges going on this month!

~ We've got the usual ones for you: Chestnut Theme, Spicy Supply, and Random Redhead
~ our Once in a Blue Moon Challenge returns at the end of this month
~ our 2nd Annual Copper, Ginger and Rust Challenge
~ and, for extra fun, Artistic Outpost is hosting a Celebration Challenge on their blog to help us celebrate our birthday. Stay tuned later today for more information on this fun challenge!

The submissions to the challenges just keep getting better and better so we are having a hard time choosing only 5 Ginger Gems. Starting in March, we will be increasing the number of Gingers Gems selected to a lucky 7!

Here's some of the other things you can expect to see this month:

~ the final weeks of our Design Team Call (applications accepted until March 12, 2010)
~ some new art and fun from our Founding Femmes, Ali & Sharon
~ another terrific tutorial from Hels Sheridan
~ a second fabulous tutorial from Jo Capper-Sandon
~ some more great Ginger Gem pieces; and
~ the return of the ever-popular Reasons to Stamp feature with a couple of new twists

The Yahoo Group has been busy! Here's a couple pieces from the Candy Bar Wrapper Challenge:

Artwork by Debby

Artwork by Sharon

Gerrie also made this great Mardi Gras piece for our Project Inspiration this month:

Our first Art Exchange, Party Postcards, will close to sign-ups by the end of today. There's still time to join the Yahoo Group and get in on the fun! Our next Art Exchange will be announced on April 1st - no joke! In the meantime, more Yahoo Group only challenges will be unveiled this month.

We invite you to come and party with us throughout March!


  1. Oh, the first to say Happy Birthday Gingersnap! I am taking part in the Art Exchange and getting my ideas together ready... oops, better be quick! I love the challenges you run and March sounds like it's going to be fun. Happy Birthday!

  2. Happy Birthay Gingersnap.!! Love your blog and challenges and have just joined your yahoo group. Maybe I will try the art exchange in april. Hugs to you all!!

  3. Well Gingersnaps could not have a better birthday since she shares it with me! And it is St Davids Day as well.

  4. I'm in the mood for some birthday fun!

  5. Happy Birthday to the year on and I am incredibly proud to be part of this FAB group xx

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Happy birthday, Gingersnappers! Raising my (virtual) champagne glass to the next year of your continued brilliance!


  8. Congrats to my dear, lovely friend Lynne, on being the March Muse! And Happy Birthday to Gingersnaps which is proving to be a wonderful discovery for me,

    Lucy x


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