Sunday, March 14, 2010

Lynn Stevens: Tissue Paper Fringe a la Inka

I learned how to make this fun paper fringe from my friend Inka at Altered Artifacts. She was kind enough to let me share her technique with you.

You'll need colored tissue paper, a sewing machine, scissors. That's it!

Start with sheets of your favorite colored tissue paper. Fold several times length wise as shown.

Stitch with your sewing machine down one side.

Then,s stitch down the other side.

Cut down the center with your scissors.

Begin clipping along both sides, being careful not to cut through your stitching.

Cut of the length you would like to use and begin twisting holding both ends. Keep twisting until it's fully twisted.

Without letting it untwist, wad it in a ball in the palms of your hands. Rolling it back and forth.

Then open it up and that's it. Fluff as desired. You can fold up the rest and use it as needed.
You can check out Inka's site as well for another tutorial and some great ideas. Altered Artifacts

Heres a few ideas for your fringe!

Designed by Lynn Stevens


  1. AWESOME!!!!! No words only gazes.....


  2. Great idea! Will work nice with fashionstamps.

  3. What a fabulous tutorial! Very clear and a wonderful technique! Your tags are absolutely awesome as usual!!

  4. Thanks so much for the creative idea and showing us how to use it in fashionable style!!

  5. wow love the fringe great tutorial so effective hugs x

  6. Thanks to you and Inka for a fun idea. You never know when you will need a little extra touch of fluff.

  7. Looooooove it!!! Thanks so much for sharing this, Lynn!

  8. FABULOUS, Lynn! Thanks for such a wonderful tutorial!

  9. thank you for a special technique that can be used so many ways!!!
    love the examples!!

  10. Thanks Lynn, that is fantastic!!! I have been buying mine for a long time, it is interesting to see it actually made!
    Margaret B

  11. Wow, Lynn--you're awesome!!!!

  12. wonderful tutorial, thanks for sharing, love hoe you used it as a tutu

  13. Lynn,

    Thank you so much for that tutorial. I had really wanted to learn how to do that. Nice to see it seems fairly straight forward. Been needing more excuses to pull out my sewing maching.

  14. great pictures. Cute idea for anything!

  15. So cool- CDS posted this on their blog a while back using mulberry paper- they call it Chenelle- I have not tried it yet- but like the idea of using the tissue paper. Thanks for the tutorial!

  16. What great fun. Love how this turns out!

  17. very cool..wish I had a sewing machine now.

  18. That looks really cute, but very time-consuming.


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