Saturday, April 24, 2010

Debby Boltman: Happy Saturday Recycling!

Welcome to Gingersnap Creations blog. The theme this month at GC is "Recycled Materials". What I’m going to show you probably isn’t new to anyone; it is simply a gentle reminder that there are things all around us, in the trash, in the recycle bin that we can use in our “art”.

First thing I did was check out what was headed to the recycle bin to see what I could come up with. Here is what I decided to take back upstairs. A Starbucks drink carrier, a Trader Joe paper sack, an empty paper towel roll and a rug don't go anywhere thingy. I had idears and idears. More to come later.
I knew that I wanted to paint this towel holder, that is in my laundry room, orange, cause I just painted my laundry room orange, and I have been holding off because I didn’t want to deal with the overspray.
So I took the brown/kraft already recycled paper bag and used it as my spray catcher. Out in my yard. :-)
Now doesn’t this look better?!
I really wanted to use the spray catcher bag for something else because the orange paint was really bright & glossy & pretty. I decided to use it as wrapping paper on a gift.

I stamped randomly on the paper with India Ink. I chose this ink because detail is always nice and it dries fast.

Some of you may remember that I like to clear emboss everything! So I sprinkled clear detail embossing powder over the stamped images and heat set. This way I could be sure there would be no smearing of the ink when I started to wrap my present. The embossing powder also adds that little extra shiny oomph.
I need a tag for my present so I used this tag punch and punched a tag from the same paper sack.
I added an eyelet and a stamp to the tag and wrapped everything with black twine. Now I have a pretty package made by me!
The other thing I did was I grabbed the plastic already recycled bag and used it as an applicator to make some background papers.
I just tried smooshing the plastic paper and paint around in different directions and circles.
I added some texture with gesso using some rubber stamps and a bbq brush.
And you see I have all different backgrounds to use now.

Here is one example. The image was printed on clear acetate and layered on one of my backgrounds.

I would love to see what you come up with when you think of “recycling” and “art”. Thanks for spending some time with me! Have a terrific weekend!

More details about the image and papers on this card can be found here:



  1. wow what inspirational ideas love the wrapping paper....hugs from Daniele x

  2. Fabulous tutorial, Debby! You think of the best things! I loved your paint backgrounds and your wrapping paper is amazing!

  3. Wow! Can't wait to go thru the trash and see what can be rescued for the sake of art!! Terrific ideas--thanks so much!!!

  4. Looks like you had lot of fun doing all your recycle projects.Love your background and wrapping paper. Thankyou for beeing inspirational..

  5. Debby I do think we need to Dub you Queen of recycling. What a wonderful assortment of fun projects!

  6. You are beyond AWESOME Debby!!! fabulous recycling creations!!!
    Blessings, Maria

  7. These are fabulous 'green' projects, Debby!

  8. Thanks everyone! I will have a follow up on my blog today focusing on another item from the supply pic that a reader asked about. Thanks again!


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