Thursday, May 13, 2010

Joanne Wardle: Quick and Easy Pencil Colouring

Following yesterday's Spicy supply Challenge of Pencils, I have decided to do a quick tutorial about how I use pencils to colour forever friends bear stamps.

My pencils of choice are Derwent Colour Soft, but you can use any pencils at all. To recreate this effect, you will need three shades of one colour. For the bears, I like the effect of peach, ochre and pale brown.

Assemble your materials:

First stamp your image and allow to dry, you need to decide where the light is coming from on your image, to get your shading to work (arrow).

Choose your colours, using the image on the stamp as a guide, if you wish.

Take your lightest colour and drawing you pencil lines all in the same direction colour all over the bear, leaving just the point where the light strikes the head white.

Take your second colour and again keeping your colouring lines in the same direction as the arrow, color in ther areas of the bear that will be more shaded, but leave the muzzle a lighter colour than the rest of the bear.

Use your darkest colour to colour in the most shaded areas, using the same technique as before, keep the colouring "scribbly" for a soft furry effect.

Add touches of pink to the ears and cheeks.

Colour any accessories in a similar way, cut out the image.

I finished this card, by adding a scrap of patterned paper to a card blank, stamping the bear (not worrying about detail, as it's just for the shadow and edging detail when you add the cut out bear.

Attach the bear and finish with touches of Flower Soft.

I hope you enjoyed this really simple colouring tutorial, I find it a great way to colour when I need cards in a hurry.

Joanne (

p.s. to see more forever friends cards visit the forever friends challenge blog.


  1. This is fantastic, Joanne! I love the tip about choosing which direction the light comes from. Thanks!!

  2. Thanks, you have have just transformed my colouring in.

  3. Thank you so much for such great tips on colouring. Maybe now my pencils will work correctly. LOL Happy creating...

  4. Great little Tutorial and Derwent really does make the best pencils. I prefer the over prisma.

  5. Adorable, Joanne! Love that little addition of the patterned paper, too - so cute!

  6. very cute..thanks for the tip on coloring

  7. You are my new colouring hero! Fabulous tutorial!


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