Monday, May 3, 2010

Nancy Maxwell James: Whimsical Altered Books

I am thrilled and honored to be part of May's Monthly Muse here on Gingersnap Creations. A few months ago, I was asked to share some tips for creating altered book pages. My altered book pages are very basic, I can't draw worth beans, nor do I add fancy handwriting...but the sky is the limit with composing altered pages for those of you that possess these talents.

One of my favorite altered books that I have created uses Paper Whimsy images and the poetry of Hilda Conkling.

I decided to make the tutorial in pdf format with step by step instructions. Making altered pages is quite addicting and loads of fun. You will need just a wee bit of patience allowing the collage to dry, and adding the text is a bit time consuming...but the stories you can create are well worth it!

Whimsical Altered Book Pages

I look forward to seeing what everyone creates this month during the Monthly Muse.I also love vistors on my blog...if you get a chance please stop by:
Sugar Lump Studios

Nancy Maxwell James


  1. Wow, Nancy! Your altered book pages are positively stunning! Exactly the style I love best ~ :) The tutorial was marvelous... I am printing it as a reference, since I would love to start my first book. So glad to have you here at GC as our Muse - your work is truly inspirational.

  2. this is WOW!! Thank you for the PDF it is amazing! Stunning pages!

  3. Your pages are fabulous and really prove that one (like myself) does not need to draw or do calligraphy to make beautiful art. Happy creating...

  4. the altered pages /your work is amazing!

  5. What a wonderful Muse! I love the altered book pages,

    Lucy x

  6. What beautiful works of art!!! And I loved that you said you can't draw...LOL... now I feel like I can give your technique a try cuz I can't draw either!!! Great tutorial!!!

  7. I love those images and that poetry from Paper Whimsy. I'm off to check out your tutorial because this book is wonderful!

  8. Your Altered Book Art is fabulous, Nancy...such gorgeous artistry, and the "Whimsey" images are always so excellent...great choice!

  9. Dear Nancy, Your altered book pages are so beautiful! I love the colors, images, everything! I look forward to using your tutorial and learning more! Thank you for sharing sweet friend!!! Love, Paula

  10. Your tutorial is fabulous!!! I am going to print it out. Thank you again for sharing!!! Love that photo of beautiful you and sweet Hailey! Love, Paula


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