Monday, June 28, 2010

Elina Koutsouradi: Crepe Ribbon Tutorial

Hi there crafty girls!

I am excited to show you an easy tutorial on how to creat your own Crepe Ribbon to embellish your projects!!

- First of all get some white Crepe paper (duh). Here, I have cut a piece about 6x12 inches.

- Ink your stamp with ink, you can use whichever as it doesn't have to be Staz-on for what we are doing. (I have checked it)

- I have firstly used a word stamp to create a background. Do not worry if your stamping isn't crisp, it won't show.

- Then get a second stamp (or a third, or as many as you want) and stamp on top of your stamped background. Here I have randomly stamped some hearts.

- Get your sprays out. You can use glimmer mists (as I do here) or Colorwash or Maya mists, or diluted inks, whatever you have!!

- And make sure you use more than one color!! And just spray as much as you want all over.

- Leave your crepe paper to dry completely, and try not to touch it all the time, you don't want it get ripped!
- When it is dry, it is durable enough to work with it again. You can do more stamping if you want to or doodle or spray.

- Fold it, or roll it so you can start cutting your crepe ribbon faster.

- Start cutting your paper every 3/4 or 1 inch or as wide as you want it.

- Unfold and you are ready. You have your super inexpensive crepe ribbon with the colors you like and match your project.

Use your new ribbon to make ruffles, create flowers or an interesting textured background to your project!

Here is what I have made... It's an award medallion for myself to wear when crafting!! lol

I would love to see you play with this technique!!


  1. Oh this is fantastic--what a fabulous tutorial and AMAZING results--thank you so much!!!
    Cindy Adkins
    Whimsical Musings

  2. Well I bought some crepe to make flowers so why not ribbon cool TT thanx for the idea

    Love Dawn xx

  3. Great... will definitely try this. Annette x

  4. Genial , genial , genial . Gracias lo Probare .
    Besitos .

  5. How cool is that? Gotta try this one.

  6. Elina, this is amazing. I can't wait to try this technique. Thanks so much.

  7. Great tutorial Elina!!! Very creative and allows one to really tailor the ribbon to the piece being created!! Love it!!

  8. Wonderful thanks for sharing it.


Thanks for your wonderful words!

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