Saturday, June 19, 2010

Grunge it up! -Jennie

Every month here on Gingersnap I do a tutorial, and I love teaching you something new, but today I thought I would show you how to use one of my favourite products-Grungepaper. This product is designed by Tim Holtz and manufactured by Advantus, and is a grey pliable sort of paper, which smells of old leather, and is smooth on one side and kind of grungy on the other. It can be cut, bent, inked, sewn, glued, in fact it loves almost all mediums. I particularly like using it for making flowers or in this case roses, and if you have never tried them, here is your very easy guide to making one. I swear you will be hooked, as once you start, you will want to make more!
You need a six sided flower shape to start. You can use a punch or a die cut, but I used The Artistic Stamper Large Flower from The Flower Power set. Stamp out 3 flowers on the wrong side of the grungepaper ( the rougher side) and cut each one out.
 Ink up both sides with distress ink or paint. Cut one of the flowers up the middle to the centre. Cut out one petal from the next flower, and two petals from the third flower. Keep the extra petals.
Then glue the flowers so, they are overlapping on one petal , and clip together until they dry. Roll the extra cut out bits and glue them too. I used Glossy Accents, but any strong glue will work well.
When the glue is dry, bend back all of the petals, and shape them as you like.
 Grungepaper will bend and will stay where you put it. Now the fun part! To put them together, cut off the bottoms, so they sit flat and within each other. The smallest of the petals (the odd bits cut off are the centres) and should fit within each other, if that makes sense?).
Put the biggest(five)petals on a non stick craft sheet, add the four petals into the middle with glue, then add the three petal flower into the middle of the four petal flower ( what a mouthful). Finally add both of the rolled up petals into the middle of all the petals or sometimes if there isn't room, I will just add one.
Add glitter to the edges of the rose, or stickles, add a grungepaper leaf to it, and voila , you have a rose made from Grungepaper!
I love making these, they are addictive, so please let me know if you make any and show us here on Gingersnap Creations!
Have a creative day


  1. Great tutorial as always Jennie. You make them look so easy.

  2. FAb tutorial Jennie, I just got some grungepaper and didn't know where to start so this is great
    Claire xx

  3. I love when people do tutorials and this one is fantastic, thanks for sharing the knowledge x

  4. Fantastic tutorial, Jennie! Very clear directions! I often admire these beautiful grungepaper roses, so thanks so much for sharing the scoop on how to make them with all our Gingersnappers!

  5. Hey Jennie, thank you, fantastic tutorial, looks easy I'm going to have a go :)

  6. What a breautiful flower and an excellent presentation on how to make them. I'm gonna try one today!
    the kardlady

  7. Thanks Jen, you make it look so easy! I shall try again! hugz

  8. What a wonderful tutorial! Thanks so much for sharing. I have wanted to attempt this and you make it look like something I can accomplish!!! Love your rose!

  9. These are so fabulous, Jennie - I absolutely adore your grungey flowers!! Thanks for the wonderful tips - great tutorial!

  10. Thanks for the tut, i keep forgetting how these are made lol
    A bit late in sharing but the piece i just blogged is housing a couple of the roses i made

  11. WOW...great tutorial. Love this! Many thanks.


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