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June Muse: Autumn Hathaway

I am delighted to welcome Autumn Hathaway as our June Muse. I had the good fortune to take one of her classes last year and was enchanted by her artwork! Autumn is a mixed media artist living in New England, who creates everything from large canvases to spirit dolls, fabric and art journals, to whimsical birds.

She has been published many times over the years in Somerset Studio, The Stamper's Sampler and Somerset's Gallery editions. In 2001, one of her cards was featured solely on the cover of The Rubber Stamper. More recently, she contributed to Jane Davies' book Collage Journeys and she has been asked to contribute to Davies upcoming book.

Q: How long have you been creating art and how did you get started?

A: When I was a new mother fifteen years ago, I realized if I didn't do something creative for the rest of my life I wouldn't be happy. I was a stay-at-home mom and my daughter was a great napper, so when she was asleep, that was my time to get busy! I dabbled in everything from polymer clay to decoratively painted furniture. A few years later we moved to Cambridge, MA and I took a Rubber Rookie class at Paper Source and I knew immediately that rubber stamping was something I just loved and would always want to do.

I pursued my own hand made card business for a few years. I advanced certain techniques to become a teacher and just pursued as I much as I could in the paper and rubber stamp arts.

Q: Tell us about your favorite creation.

A: Five years ago I painted a large (30" x 48") acrylic on canvas for my husband to put in his office. I painted it in an abstract style with a palette knife and collaged paper pieces. Of course, much of the collage paper that I used was stamped!

It stays in my husband's office and I don't see it very often. When I do see it, I am surprised at how much I like it and also it is so different from anything else I've done. No one thing inspired this particular work, I just jumped in and followed my instincts. I let myself be guided and I didn't pressure myself or worry about the end result. I just had fun!

Q: What's your favorite medium to work with?

A: For a tricky question like this, my answer has to be broad. Art supplies and fabric are my favorite mediums and thankfully that covers a lot. When I pick up any paints, gouache, watercolor or acrylics, new or old, I get inspired again and again to create with them.

This too goes for paper, fabric/wool, rubber, inks, canvas, beads, pens, polymer clay, gel mediums and so on. Whether your a child or adult, most everyone appreciates the feeling of a new box of crayons and that's the feeling I get from all my supplies.

But I must say, that almost everything I do in some way or another has a stamped image incorporated into the final piece because stamping is my true love and it works so well with all my art supplies.

Q: What three tools could you not live without?

First, I hope a journal is a tool because I find it so necessary to work out design ideas and collage processes; to just play with different mediums, express myself and document my life. I have various sketch books too that are in this category.

Secondly, I use Speedy Carve by Speedball to carve my own stamps. This is the best because I know that due to the strength of this pink polymer rubber, the stamps I create will last forever.

And of course, I must pair this second tool with #v gouge for carving the rubber because the two go hand in hand.

The third tool I can't live without is watercolor crayons. I have a mixed set from Caran d'Ache and Rembrandt Lyra Aqua with different color palettes. I've been using them for years - they are portable, convenient and last a long, long time. More importantly, I just love using them a water brush..... of course, I had to sneak one more tool in there!

On behalf of Gingersnap Creations, we would like to thank Autumn for being our June Muse. You can look forward to seeing more of Autumn's art on the blog this month and if you can't wait until then, visit her website and blog.


  1. Great interview, what a talented lady.

  2. Wow, utterly stunning art and fabby interview :O))

  3. Wow, Autumn, your art is incredible! Thanks so much for being our June Muse! Great interview!

  4. Welcome, Autumn!! Your artwork is positively gorgeous! Wonderful interview. :)

  5. wow, great interview, and I love the carved stamps

  6. Oh my I lurve that birdy to bits! Gorgeous carved stamps too :).

  7. I love Autumn's work. I've take a few classes with her and she is a joy and an amazing artist.


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