Monday, June 7, 2010

June Muse..."This will be a great month"

What a great time of the year to be guest blogging. And I want to thank Ali and her team at GS Creations for this honor of Guest Muse. June is one on the most anticipated months and making new creations as summer starts, really gets me in the mood to slow down my life and enjoy the weather and all the wonderful activities it allows with my kids. ***Summer Journal coming…stay tuned, this will be fun.

Building collages in books is one of my favorite places to create. I can try out different ideas and not have to commit or worry because all I do when I am done, is turn the page. When I experiment or collage on a separate support, even if it is just paper, well it all just piles up and inevitably gets in my way. Collecting extra stuff in your works space can quickly get out of control, because we collage artists know, we can acquire ephemera just by breathing. As I was thinking about what to share here I was inspired to pull the unfinished journal I used when contributing to Jane’s Davies’ book Collage Journeys. Even though it was two years ago, and longer for the artwork inside it, it still for some reason sits incomplete. Since creating in books is something I love it is the perfect process to share on this blog.

When I made this book I was delving into a newly discovered passion for making quilted books. Now, certainly this is not a traditional quilted style but that’s how I roll. The carefree feeling of just grabbing some fabric and going to the sewing machine and piecing with abandon is satisfying. Inside the cover, I had sewn some hearts and added random stitched embellishments then I ventured down a new avenue when I used oil pastels right on the fabric, along with a black Sharpie, all sealed with light coat of gel medium. I was truly ‘playing” and that explains why the inside front cover doesn’t exactly coordinate with the first page.
The first page shows a collage that I like to do with all new books, and that is a personal masthead or something big with my name. This helps you get over the fear of the first page and it is a way to 'celebrate me' (no apologies here, you gotta do it when you can) as well as provide information on where to return it, if found. On this first page scrapbook paper was the foundation and I built elements on top. The masthead was made with printed paper, stickers, paper flowers, rub-ons and this was stitched to the base scrapbook paper which I then adhered to the first page of the book with gel medium. I made two gel skins that I had made from more scrapbook paper and adhered them to the bottom middle and the upper right. I secured the feather to the page with some stamped masking tape. I stamped ‘art journal’ in the title scroll from the patterned paper and fastened another paper flower and then the finishing touch of extra paint and ink splattered and smeared. You can see I wrote in a little request for its fast return along the edge of the page.
Creating a title page in a new journal is a quick and easy way to break open the book get busy building pages. I will share some more pages from this journal, some I started years ago and another just a few months ago, but they are waiting to be completed. So check back here and see what unfolds. Thanks for reading.


  1. Oh my! This is really really lovely!

  2. Gorgeous project! Love your page! Thanks so much for joining us as our June Muse at Gingersnap Creations!

  3. Wonderful journal! I love the fabrics...

  4. what gorgeous pages :) looking forward to seeing more

  5. Love it! It reminds me of when I use to create wearable art vests!

  6. Totally gorgeous, love the fabrics you've used. Annette


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