Saturday, June 26, 2010

Tutorial: Mobile in an envelope by Joanne Wardle

I was inspired by this month's flight theme to make this mobile which fits down into an envelope so that it can be posted like a card. I decided to use the new Bee stamps from Jo Capper-Sandon's range at Stampotique, available from Happy Daze in the UK.

First of all stamp out the medium bee and small bee (which come on one duo stamp) 10 times each, and cut out leaving a small border.

colour the bodies and glitter the wings

on a piece of white card draw a small spiral,
and cut out. don't worry to much about the handcut look, there is a quick way to improve this later
cover just one side with Paper
now, to make the hanging bits you will need some invisible thread, (although gold, silver or coloured thread could look equally effective), silicone glue and some beads.

tie two beads to the thread leaving a gap of about 3" between them, and plenty of thread on one side.
apply a blob of silicone glue to a small bee, lie the thread across it
add the other bee. do this between the two beads. repeat this for the large bee above the bead
so you have something that looks like this:
And repeat 4 more times.

On the plain side of your spiral decide where you want you bees to hang. place some double sided sticky tape over the points and make a hole with a sewing needle

thread the needle with the bee hangings, thread from the pattern side to the plain side an attach to the sticky tape, cover with another piece of sticky tape.

now cover the plain side with patterned paper and carefully cut around the spiral, MAKE SURE YOU DON'T CUT THE THREADS!!!

now the trick to reduce the handcut appearance... an emery board. file all the edges.
it really works!
make a hole in the centre and tie a ribbon through and hang.

now make an envelope. using the diameter of your spiral at it's maximum point, and a small amount and draw a square. using a compass draw a semi-circle on each side, and cut out
fold up with the ribbon sticking out
The recipient should be able to lift the mobile straight out of the envelope.

This could of course be done with all sorts of images, butterflies would work particuarly well.


  1. Joanne, this is simply stunning! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I loved it & would love to try it soon.... Thanks for sharing.... :-)


  3. Awesome! A beautiful and delightful project and I love how you made it mailable!

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  5. Wow what a lovely idea. Its so nice to see something a little different.


  6. Fantastic idea thanks for sharing

  7. Just to bee-utiful GF! What a great idea, I can just see the smile on the recepients face!

  8. What a fun project!! This would be such a great piece to send instead of a birthday card. And I just LOVE Jo's bees :).


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