Friday, July 16, 2010

Penny Bennington: Ceramic Tile Tutorial

For today’s tutorial I’m showing a technique for creating a stamped ceramic tile using bright, summery colors of yellow, orange, and red. Supplies used include a 4 1/4" ceramic tile (I purchased mine from Home Depot for just $0.16!), a piece of tissue paper the same size as your tile, black StazOn, rubber stamp of your choice (I used stamps from Crafty Individuals and Inkadinkado), Ranger alcohol inks and an applicator tool or wood block with felt, gold paint, Diamond Glaze, and a non-stick craft sheet to work on.

Stamp the tissue paper using StazOn. You can also use Versafine or Ranger’s Archival ink - just heat set it. Any tissue paper will work; what I’ve noticed is that if you have a shiny side to yours, it may mute the colors a bit. Older tissue paper that I have doesn’t seem to have a shiny side and the colors remain true, but it can be hard to find - at least where I live.

Apply alcohol ink to your felt applicator tool. I used Sunshine Yellow and Lemonade.

For the first layer, just pounce it on to cover the whole tile with color.

As you continue tapping/pouncing and your felt piece gets drier, a beautiful bubbled effect is created. Continue pouncing to add layers until you’re happy with the look.

I wanted to add some additional color in the middle of the piece so I added a few drops of Sunset Orange to the same felt pad and tapped that on randomly in the middle. Finally I added just a couple small drops of Watermelon ink still using the same felt piece and tapped that onto the middle. As a variation, you can add all four colors to the felt piece at once. This will create a more blended, mottled effect. For this piece I wanted the separate colors to be seen so I added them one at a time.

Next paint the edges of your tile. Here I’ve used gold paint, but have also used gold alcohol ink and Krylon metallic pens.

Now to add the tissue paper! I used Diamond Glaze to attach the tissue paper to the tile which will cause the paper to completely disappear and it will look as though you've stamped directly onto the tile. As an aside, don't use Glossy Accents here - it causes the beautiful patterns you've created in your tile to melt together and look muddy. Use a big dollop of Diamond Glaze - more is definitely better in this step! Use your finger to spread it over the entire top and allow it to spill over the edges. If there's not enough Diamond Glaze used on this step, you won't get the tissue paper to disappear.

Gently place your tissue paper piece onto the tile starting on one side and let it lay onto the surface.

Quickly add another good size dollop of glaze on top of the tissue paper and gently spread it out with your finger to eliminate any wrinkles. Be careful because the tissue paper can slide if you rub too hard and it also could tear. Rub your finger around the edges to make sure they are also completely covered with glaze. Set it aside to air dry.

Now that you have a beautifully colored tile what can you do with it? My favorite use is to make a piano hinge book using two tiles and bamboo skewers. If you’d like to see how I do it, check out my blog (HERE) tomorrow Saturday July 17th to learn how you can make your own book!


  1. Penny, this is an absolutely stunning effect, thanks for sharing it with us. I love it.

  2. WOW WOW WOW......What a fabulous tutorial! I am actually excited sitting here reading it (and am at work too!). Thank you Penny!
    I must give this a go! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Thank you, Penny! I really like this - will be trying it myself soon.

  4. This is TOO COOL! What a fun idea. Looks like I need to go to Home Depot this weekend. Thanks Panny!

  5. Absolutely gorgeous and I love that you turned it into a book -- how clever!

  6. Penny, thank you for such an excellent tutorial. I'm sure D.I.Y. stores will be out of stock of plain tiles! Lynne M

  7. Great tutorial Penny. I will be back to see how you make your book for sure. I'm so lucky to have won a book you made already and just Love it so! I found a stack of these tiles in my stash from a project I did years ago, now I can't wait to try this out!

  8. OOOOH ! very nice, I like this technique better than the one I was using. Thankyou for sharing.

  9. WOW! Gorgeous tutorial, love those alcohol ink colours, I need the brighter ones :)
    Kay x

  10. A wonderful technique & beautiful art! TFS!

  11. this is wonderful! thank you for sharing it!

  12. I just love this

  13. wow! this is so fun and different!

  14. Beautiful project, Penny! The tile looks gorgeous, and the tutorial on your blog about how to construct the book was so easy to follow, I think I might even be able to do it myself, LOL! And thanks for the tip about Diamond Glaze vs. Glossy Accents - I had always considered them interchangeable, but now I know that isn't so!

  15. Thanks for a fantastic tutorial and a question, if I try to use canvas instead of a tile will I be able to use the glossy accent with the tissue paper then? and do `the rang` sale diamond glase if the answer is no?


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