Monday, July 5, 2010

Penny Bennington: Glimmer Misted Cards Tutorial

For this tutorial, I’m going to show you a couple of my favorite ways to use Glimmer Mist and share with you some tips that I’ve learned. We’ll start with the tips.

Be sure to work on a craft sheet or misting mat - it makes clean-up so easy. Shake your Glimmer Mist often to keep it well mixed, and always shake it side to side never up and down. You can even tap it against the palm of your hand to help to suspend the Glimmer. This simple tip really helps prevent clogging, but if your sprayer does clog, take the sprayer off the bottle, pull the straw from the sprayer cap, rinse both under running water and spray a burst of canned air into the white dot of the sprayer cap and also into the underside where the straw attaches. Re-assemble and then re-attach to the bottle. My final tip is to look at the white dot on the spray cap, aim it at your project, and THEN spray. You may laugh, but I’ve sprayed both my lamp and my heat gun by forgetting to check that!

To start the project you’ll need to gather your craft sheet or misting mat, paper towels, low tack tape or regular masking tape, post-it notes, scissors, a white A2 sized card (use a good quality cardstock - it will stand up better to all the moisture), a heat gun, stamps, black ink (I used Ranger’s Jet Black Archival - no worries about it bleeding with all the misting), Versamark ink and clear embossing powder for the variation, a water brush or detail paint brush, and Glimmer Mists.

Please note that a project cat is totally optional.

Start by taping your card to a paper towel. I have found that this keeps the entire card clean so that you can work directly on the card rather than working on a separate piece and attaching it to a card base. Use either low tack tape like the blue painter’s tape, or use regular masking tape that you’ve first stuck to your shirt to remove some of the stickiness.

Stamp your images with archival ink.

Use your favorite way to create masks for the stamped images. I stamped on post-it notes and cut them out. I did need to add a little additional removable adhesive to help the masks stay stuck in place while the Glimmer Mists are applied.

Place masks over the images, and spritz Glimmer Mist over the card and heat dry. I used Hydrangea and Blue Skies.

For a variation, you can stamp a flourish with Versamark onto the card background and heat emboss it with clear embossing powder and then spray it with Glimmer Mist creating a nice resist. I use my heat gun to dry the mist -I haven't had problems reheating the area I just embossed.

Then with a slightly damp paper towel, rub over the embossed area to make the flourish stand out more. Glimmer Mists used in this variation are Garden Fairy and Patina.

Using your craft sheet as a palette, spray little pools (a couple of spritzes is plenty) of your chosen colors (I used Lemon Zest and Oriental Poppy). Using a water brush, dip into the Glimmer Mist and use it to paint your images. The water brush allows you to squeeze out water and easily flush the tip between colors, and you can also easily combine the two mists while on your craft sheet creating color variations perfect for shading your image.

Once you’ve colored your images, simply peel away the masking tape to reveal a beautiful color block. I added a border stamp to the top and bottom to complete the card.

I hope you give this a try and and I'd love to know what you think!

Stamps: Flower - Hero Arts, Butterflies - Crafty Individuals, Flourish - Stampers Anonymous, Border - Hampton Art


  1. Fantastic tutorial! Thanks for all those great tips...I am always looking for new nuggets of info! Beautiful cards! I am definitely trying this one eventhough I am mist-phobic!

  2. Penny, those are such helpful tips and beautiful cards. Lynne M x

  3. A wonderful workshop, thank you.

  4. Nice tute....something new to try. Thanx!

  5. Wonderful tutorial! I've got a few Glimmer Mists and am just starting to get the hang of them. You have some great tips! I love the idea of using them to color an image, and the tips about using the water brush are great. I will have to try your techniques!

  6. Penny, these cards are spectacular! And, your tutorial is awesome, so well written, and totally inspiring, too! Thank you for the great info. Your kitty is beautiful, too. :-)

    Project cats are optional? Tell that to my furballs. They'll... well, they'll yawn, each open one disapproving eye, and fall back asleep, actually.

  7. Fantastic tutorial and love the optional cat!!!

  8. Great tutorial!! Brand new to me was the idea of painting with the glimmer mists!! Will have to give it a try! My cat and 2 dogs are not optional... they are rather, entitled!! At least one dog manages to stay on the floor LOL..the Queen (the cat) and my little guy (mini doxie) have to be up on the work table!! Good thing it is big!!! Thanks for taking the time to do this tutorial!!


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