Thursday, August 19, 2010

Irit Shalom: Use Your Old Stash

My very technical tutorial here is all about using your old and neglected stash and to incorporate some unusual items all over it as your final touch.

I am not going to show you any finished projects here - also it very possible that I am going to use some of these tutorial outsomes for my future work.

So, grab your very old and big stamp (I used my very old Hero arts flower stamp here), some cheap acrylic paint and some " toppings"- as we are going to cook up some stamped, painted and dressed-up home-made flowers.

And now let's begin!

1. Stamp your flower on a heavy weght cardstock. I used Brilliance ink, but you can use any ink you want and have - nobody's going to see it anyway.

2. Fill the stamped flower with a very thick acrylic paint layer - use a stencil brush or even a stick to spread the paint.

Now, let's dress our flowers up with lots of common and not so common things we have at home and if not- the cost of them is close to zero.

A. Use small seed beads we all have and just spread them randomly over the wet paint.

If you have time and patience you can build a pattern and, as you can see, we don't use any adhesive here, but the wet paint as a kind of a glue.

B. Use microbeads all over the wet paint- no glue needed as well.

C. Use some dry sea sand - you can find it anywhere, just make it completely dry. You can also buy sand in craft stores and it will be even colored.

D. Use some kids glitter. I know- this one is not new, we all use glitter on our projects, but then we usually use some glue pad or another kind of glue that we are not going to use here. Once again our wet paint is the best adhesive ever and we don't need any fixative here!!

E. And now for the punch line: use your kitchen spices. Yes- black pepper, red one, cinammon- you name it.. And it looks great as your topping over acrylic paint. Also this one is the only one that needs some 3d glue all over if we want to keep the piece forever...

When the paint is completely dry, you can cut out the flowers and to use them on your artwork.

Here are some of my home-made embellishments done on chipboard using the same paint and topping techniques (all but the black flower which was made with another technique that is not in this tutorial).

Yellow chick was done with sead beads, the anchor with sand, the red flower with microbeads and the ornament with red and black pepper.

All , but the anchor, were covered with 3d glue.

Hope you are going to try some of these techniques as they are real fun!



  1. Fun tutorial, Irit! I'm always looking for ways to customize embellishments!

  2. Why am I wanting a cookie??? Love this!

  3. What fabulous and fun ideas! I especially love the microbeads and the spices! Might have to try making some nice-smelling ornaments with this technique (maybe cloves?). Thanks for sharing!


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