Monday, August 16, 2010

Spicy Supply Challenge GC66: Paint - Debby chooses Painted Background Papers

So I'm sure most of you know how much I LOVE to play with paints. Acrylic and Watercolor especially and I love to test the waters and try a few things. The "things" I try are most certainly not new and in no way do claim them to be my own. I have been inspired by many and this is my take on some :)

So first I grabbed all my materials. (I thought. Then I continued to play and more tools were brought in to the picture).

I was going for the small bubble wrap and painted it with metallic acrylic paint. I love these small bowls for a palette.

I use them, rinse them out and let them air dry and use them over and over again.

After I painted the bubble wrap with my acrylic paint.

I then laid my cardstock over the top of the bubble wrap and gently moved the palm of my hand back and forth. Too much pressure and everything would be muddied. So a light pressure with the palm of my hand all around the paper then lift straight up. Straight Up! Just like a stamp. Not one edge. Grasp a much as you can and lift straight up. This also prevents the muddied look or smearing.
Here is my kewl background paper. I love the look of Kraft with any color.

Hey! Did you know you have a ready made stamp attached to you? Oh yes. Simply pour some acrylics or watercolors or whatever paint you prefer (hint: the aforementioned you can wash off) into or on to your palette, grab a foam brush and paint your HAND!

Yes. Your Hand! Your own personal stamp. Then stamp your Hand on to the paper of your choice as many times as you like to create the background that you Love!
Here is what I clean up with. Takes everything off of everything.

Okay. So I'm not done :D

Now I pour some acrylic paint into a palette and add some water to it. My apologies, in this case I added too much water. Now you know what not to do.
Pour small puddles of your watered down paint on to the paper of your choice.

Then grab a straw and point it at the puddles of paint and blow in to the straw. You will be surprised and amazed and the many different directions and patterns you can blow the paint through the straw. If you are like me you will be entertained for hours...and hours...and hours....
Look how cool this is! I have many texture plates and there are so pretty and decided to paint a texture plate with acrylic paint and see what background paper I would get. I use paper plates as palettes too. Some I have had for years. These I don't even clean I just let them dry on their own and its all good.
So I brushed acrylic paint over my texture plate. Then I placed a piece of white cardstock over and again gently pressed. I didn't rub or use a brayer. I gently pressed with the palm of my hand.

How cool is that?!

Iiiiii'm not done. So I have seen so many amazing background papers with acrylics and salt. I have never tried it. Til now. My results in no way replicate the examples that I have seen thus it becomes Debbyized. So. My bowl palette consists of water. My paper plate palette is watercolor. I make sure my brush is very wet from the water then I dip my brush into the watercolor and paint my paper. I think the paper is wet enough but no. The brush and the paint needs to be more wet and thick. I sprinkle table salt over the wet paint and look and wait for something magical to happen.. Nothing.

But wait! Look at this cooll texture! Yes. I love texture. And this is cool.
I created some cool papers.

A cool card

A cool layout.

How fun. Pull out your paints! It can be any kind of paint. Mix them with other paints, or other mediums or sand or grass or leaves. Show us your style and creativity. Looking forward to seeing it all! Thanks for taking the time to visit and I hope that I offered some inspiration. Take Care! ~Debby~


  1. Especially like the blowing of air through the staw pieces......looks like you had fun:)
    Like your card too.
    Cynthia Schelzig

  2. These are my kind of and messy. I just remember, I wiped my hands off on a paper towel the other night when I got Acrylic paint on them. I should have placed them on another piece of paper to clean them!!! I really enjoyed your posting.

  3. What fun! Love these free-spirited techniques (especially the salt... gotta try it. Oh, and the bubble wrap!) Great tutorial!

  4. I look forward to playing with my paints!!!
    You shared some great ideas!!
    Great finished cards!!!
    Oh, the possibilities!!!!
    I'll keep you posted !

  5. o.k gf you had just way to much fun doing this tutorial! I have to HAND it to you! Well done. I've heard of finger painting but seems you discovered a new one... Hand painting! LOL

  6. Fantastic! I feel a messy play day coming on!
    Alison x

  7. wonderful thanks for the ideas

  8. Some great, fun, oooey gooey techniques Debbie!!! Those are my most favorite kind!!! I especially love using the texture plates because I never seem to use them anyway... so many techniques, so little time!!!

  9. Thanks for all your kind words. I do love to mess around with paint!

  10. Debby, this is an excellent tutorial and such a hoot too! Wish you could come and play at my house - mind the walls, though!

    Lucy x


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