Friday, September 24, 2010

Creative Connection - Haunted

Welcome to the brand-new Creative Connection feature on Gingersnap Creations where we challenge you to take your art and craft it forward! Each month, we will give you an inspiration to work with and ask that you use your passion for papercrafting to create an amazing piece to display on your blog and share it.

The Gingersnapper community is all about showcasing art from our readership as well as from our Design Team so we are asking you to help create a blog web of wonderful art.

We want to see how far our inspiration will spread so you link to more than just this post! We want you to link to the blog where you heard about this Creative Connection too!

Once you have completed your Creative Connection art using "Haunted" as your inspiration, upload it your own blog with a link to the blog where you first heard about this month’s Creative Connection and a link to this post with the following text:

“I am participating in a GC Creative Connection. I heard about this month’s GCCC - Haunted - from (insert artist name here) of (insert referring blog name and link here). Why not play along? Post a creation to your blog mentioning my post and the Creative Connection post on Gingersnap Creations. Let’s all craft it forward and see how far we can get this connection to go!”

Then, come back and leave a comment here on the blog post so we can see all the gorgeous art that you have created!

To get us started, the lovely Helene Huber, long-time Gingersnapper, has created a sensational Haunted piece!

Artwork by Helene Huber

Let's see how far we can get our Haunted Creative Connection to flow!



  2. Here's my entry: I hope someone will connect to it!

  3. Here's mine, connected to Helene's:

  4. Hi all. What a fun idea. Mine is on my blog:

  5. Love the idea! It is all about sharing isn't it. I will get busy on this one..

  6. Here's mine connected to Sharon's:

  7. i have connected to Ali's Blog

    I wish I had had more "haunting" letters so I could have put "Do not enter". Oh well, most spooks like to go into haunted houses.

  8. I have connected to Helene's blog.

    Such fun - I am loving checking everyone's projects out! Thanks!

  9. Here is mine

  10. Mine is here and is linked with Helene! Looking forward to checking out all the great art!

  11. yay, fun, here is mine!

  12. Hope I did this right! I posted my haunted tag at my blog here:
    and linked to this post and to Vicki's blog.

  13. My haunted creation is posted HERE. I have connected to Aisling's blog. :)

  14. My haunting is here:
    I connected to Vicki's blog

  15. Hi. I have connection to Jean FB. Here is the link to the flag I made.
    Lynne M x


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