Friday, September 3, 2010

Laura Liddell: Fall Leaf Tutorial

Today, I will show you a technique I developed to preserve fall/autumn leaves and to enhance them. I adore oak leaves. I just love their infinite variety of shapes and I find them all so unique and beautiful. I am completely drawn to them so I thought up this method to try to preserve them without drying or pressing them for ages. They are slightly stronger than dried ones but are still fragile and can break over time especially if they find themselves stored in a pile of papers or cards.

First, you will need your leaf, a versamark embossing pad and I like to use a variety of metallic embossing powders.

Press the leaf well into the embossing pad making sure it is well covered.

Then sprinkle the embossing powders onto the leaf. If using a number of different powders carefully apply them to different areas of the leaf. I find putting a little powder into a spoon I can then quite easily control where the powders go.

Then with your heat gun melt the embossing powders onto the leaf.

You may find while heating the leaf curls quite a bit. Flip it over and continue to heat from the other side. Also when finished heating just lay an acrylic block on top while it cools. I do not press down. I just let the weight of the block flatten the leaf out a bit.

The finished leaf. Isn't it just beautiful?

You can then use it in your creations and projects.

Here I made one into an ATC. The ATC background was tissue paper stamped, torn, layered and glued. The leaf was matted and layered onto card. cut out and gold pen run around the edges of the mat. The edges were stitched and beaded.

As you can see part of a lobe has broken off over time but I did find it bunched up in a pile of papers, which did not help.

And Lavender dipped in silver....

Hope you have fun with this technique: Laura Liddell


  1. Laura...wonderful tut...thank you!!! I have a yard full of oak trees, camilla trees and mimosa trees. I think I'm going to give this a try.


  2. What a gorgeous idea! Thanks for showing us this technique.

  3. oh what a wonderful idea,really love the effect it has on the oak leaf thanks for the tutorail will give this a go later hugs cheryl xx

  4. what a great idea. off I go now to find me some fallen leaves!

  5. The leaf is stunning! I'll try this too, it's a brilliant idea!


  6. What a fantastic idea! Thank you Laura,

    Lucy x

  7. Awesome!!! Will absolutely try this one!! TFS!

  8. nice way to celebrate the falling leaves!!!
    I have those!!!

  9. Thank you. What a wonderful technique!

  10. Wow, Laura! This is super cool! Love the metallic oak leaf - looks awesome! And the silver lavender - how cool would that look on a Christmas card?!?! Thanks for sharing this!!
    Do you think this technique could be used to preserve fern leaves, but using clear EP instead of colors?

  11. Corrr, this is lush Laura... thanks for sharing... I have hundreds of trees behind my house, lots of leaves... am so gonna have a go with this LOL hugs x

  12. What a good idea, how clever

  13. What a great idea Laura!!! I also love the idea of dipping plants into colors... I will certainly be on the look out for little pretties to play with!!! Thanks so much!!!

  14. what a brill idea....going leaf hunting now so that I can give it a go thanks for sharing a great idea

  15. Greetings Laura,

    You have no idea what a huge favor you've done to me. I have been looking for months for tips on embossing and plastering fall tree leaves to photos of the season that I shot and continue to shoot for a while to come. Thank you, thank you thank you



  16. Fabulous post and awesome tutorial
    Thanks for sharing
    Lowri :-)

  17. I would love to link back to this tutorial - but I cannot find a contact address to ask for permission! Please contact me at


Thanks for your wonderful words!

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