Friday, October 15, 2010

Expressing Their Gingertivity

Each time new members join our Gingersnap Creations Design Team, the amazing Gingers, we dare them to express themselves by making a copper, ginger or rust creation. Our newest Gingers definitely lived up to this challenge! Each piece has its own personality and distinctive style - just like our new designers!

Check out the outstanding artwork of these fantastic artists!

Copper Tag Book by Penny Bennington

Gothic Arch by Petra Berendsen

Art Houses Collage by Jules Eickmeier

"Genuine" Collage Hanging by Helene Huber

Copper Goth Birthday by Stephanie Severin

To see more of the gorgeous work of our newest Gingers before the next challenge, visit their blogs by clicking on their names for loads more amazing pieces of art!


  1. wow what awesome art projects...truly inspirational
    hugs from Daniele

  2. Stunning work, ladies! Each one is so unique and expresses your creative personalities so well. Welcome aboard!

  3. Absolutely wonderful! Looking forward to seeing more from each of you..!!

  4. All wonderful! Can't wait to see more! Kim

  5. They are all terrific, what a great team of artists. Annette

  6. Very nice , clever, and unique art!

  7. Thank you so much for all these generous and kind comments, have a great weekend, xx.


Thanks for your wonderful words!

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