Friday, October 22, 2010

Faux Mica Tile Frame - a Tutorial by Lucy Edmondson

I am not known for being a Domestic Goddess, but today I am bringing you a recipe for Lasagne! This technique came about when I was clearing out a kitchen cupboard and found a pack of dried lasagne sheets, disgracefully past their Use By date. I thought that having a crafting medium which is cheap, and can be broken up into irregular shaped (but not sharp) shards, and which is translucent, and provides a flat stamping surface, would have possibilities. I then thought that if I dusted them with a mica pigment powder they might look a little like Faux Mica Tiles! I felt it would be good timing to show you this technique as the supply challenge for this month is Versamark (or other clear embossing ink pad) and this might be a slightly different way of using it.

You won't need anything fancy or expensive, and you probably have most of the items already in your stash. You can stamp directly onto the lasagne, but for this project I have also shown you a method using tissue paper and Gel Matt Medium (or Modge Podge) as this way you get crisp stamped images and the lasagne is a little less brittle. Don't worry if the pieces do break though, as this adds to the charm. I am calling my project, 'Embrace Imperfection' as the stamped quote says, as it is definitely a distressed type of technique.

Just a note about the frame. I used an Ikea Malma Mirror in Black as they are cheap and have a wide frame. I thought I had made rather a lot of mirrors recently so I popped the Stampbord Coaster in the middle and used it as a frame. You could use a stamped paper image or a photo instead if you prefer.

  • Wide Edged Frame
  • Versamark Ink Pad
  • Mica Pigment Powders - I used the Artistic Stamper ones
  • StazOn Jet Black
  • Tissue Paper
  • Gel Medium Matt
  • Stamps - I used Tim Holtz Mini Muses
  • Silver Embossing Powder
  • Stampbord Square Coaster (optional)
  • Co-Ordinating Ink Pads if using Stampbord
  • Dried Lasagne Sheets

1. Apply the Versamark thoroughly over the lasagne sheets, using plenty but not applying too much pressure.

2. Dust the sheets with the mica powders, using a soft brush.

3. Break into pieces so you have a pile like this.

4. You can stamp directly onto the pieces with the StazOn or Brilliance Graphite Black like this:-

5. Or stamp a selection of images onto tissue paper like this:-

6. And then adhere the torn pieces of tissue paper to the prepared lasagne using plenty of Mod Podge or Gel Medium, and leave to dry or apply the heat gun. Once dry you can 'encourage' the pieces to break where you want them to with the scissors so that you capture the images you want, but you will get some random edges.

7. Run the Versamark around the edges of the pieces and dip into silver embossing powder and heat with heat gun until melted. Let some of the powder drift across the pieces if you like this look. I hold the pieces with pegs whilst embossing to avoid burning my fingers or you can just place on your heat-proof craft sheet. I also did some unstamped pieces, i.e. mica'd but no images, to avoid the finished piece becoming too busy.

8. Glue the pieces in your chosen position with a strong glue, one at a time to ensure a strong bond. Use pegs to hold them flat and in place until they have dried.

9. To make the Stampbord coaster, dab inks to co-ordinate with the mica colours above onto the tile. Stamp a selection of images as shown. Scratch back to the clay using a Stampbord scratch tool or the tip of a craft knife to add highlights, and in this case, raindrops and a puddle for the man to stand in!

The final pieces. Do add more embellishments or photo corners if you wish.

Hope you liked this, and if you decide to give it a go, I would be delighted to see what you come up with!


  1. Gotta have a go at this FANTASTIC idea! I just love it! x

  2. This is a great idea!! As soon as I have time, I'll try this technique!

  3. wow its amazing what you can stamp first I thought you was going to give us a recipe how to make, off to raid my cupboards now

  4. What a great way to brighten up my early morning!

  5. Very cool, Lucy! I never would have thought that I could raid my kitchen cupboards for stamping mediums! Awesome idea!

  6. A very clever and brilliant idea, would have never thought of using lasagne sheets for crafting! Thanks for sharing this with us, love it.

  7. OOOH! This turned out amazing. I must try this...wish me luck. Great step by step directions ! Thanks

  8. Ok, you win! After visiting your blog and attempting to guess the "secret ingredient," never would pasta crossed my mind! Very clever!

  9. so amazingly creative--love this idea

  10. Clever, clever! What a great idea, now I wonder what is in my cupboard that is outdated....Why EVERYTHING.............LOL

  11. I think most everything in my cupoard is outdated, I'm going to have a great weekend, thanks to you. lol Briliant!

  12. Brilliant Lucy! I would never have guessed it was lasagne! xx

  13. What a fun and original idea - thanks Lucy!

  14. Wow, this is amazing! I never in a gazillion years would have guessed "lasagna noodles", LOL! The project looks wonderful - thanks for a great tutorial. :)

  15. Wonderful Lucy! I was trying to guess what they were made from when you had them up on your blog! I would never have guessed! Love them! Kim


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