Sunday, October 24, 2010

Joanne Wardle: Faux Handmade Paper Tutorial

I remember learning this technique when I had just started cardmaking, and it's one of those techniques I had almost forgotten about until I found one of the cards I had used it on, while attempting to tidy my craft room. (who am I kidding? I wasn't tidying it, I was looking for a missing stamp, which incidentally I found in my sewing basket!!)

In this tutorial, I will create the effect of handmade paper from a plain sheet of card (this doesn't really work with paper, it's too delicate)

first choose a sheet of card (I find A5 easier to handle, but you can work with any size)

Screw it up. (this is easier if you poke it in the middle, to "break" it)

screw it up some more, until it is as tight as it will go.

unfold and hold it under running water.

screw up and hold under running water again, until the paper is thoroughly soaked

open out and screw up again repeatedly, wetting as necessary.

The card will turn floppy and take on an almost fabric feel. it may tear a little, but this only adds to the effect so don't worry.

when you are happy with the effect it's time to do some ironing. (it beats ironing clothes, and you never know, if you leave the iron and ironing board out you may just be tempted to tackle the ironing mountain before putting it away.)

turn off the steam and iron until the card is dry, and flat enough to work with.

use to make cards!

The stamp I have used here, is by PaperArtsy


  1. Wow, this really looks like the "real thing." Great tutorial, and I love that it is a quick and easy technique - will definitely try it. Beautiful card, too!

  2. What a great tutorial, can't wait to give this one a try, possibly today.

  3. Hmmmm, I will have to try this!

  4. That's brilliant! I've not seen this before. I'll have to give this a try.

    Wonder where the iron is............


  5. A fantastic tutorial, the paper looks so like 'real'paper.

  6. Brilliant idea, Joanne- can't wait to try it!

  7. What a fabulous look! Thanks for such an easy to follow make it look easy!

  8. I like this idea very much, going to give it a go, thank you for sharing the idea.

  9. Great Tutorial, thanks for sharing!

  10. WOW!! Thanks so much Joanne!!! I immediately tried it and I LOVE the effect. I only dried it a wee bit with the iron (4 letter word that it is)and now that it is flat, I will let it dry naturally. The edges fray so nicely and it looks like I worked really hard to make handmade paper...LOL... Great technique!!! Thanks again!!

  11. Thanks! This is something I can actually do, once I find my iron!! LOL!!!

  12. Here's 2 ways to make faux flower handmade paper.
    1. Lay dried flowers or leaves on wax paper. Peel layers of facial tissue apart. Place a single ply of tissue over flowers. Mix 1 part white glue or decoupage medium with 1 part water and dab on tissue. Let dry. Lay wax paper on top and iron on low temperature.
    2. Place freezer paper on work surface. Place dried flowers or leaves on top. Then cover with white or pastel wrapping tissue and iron.
    Both methods produce wrinkled sheets and are great fakes. I make real handmade paper and transform it into vessels and other art objects. Nan

  13. Hmmm - what IS and IRON????? Fab technique and looks simple enough that even I could do it.



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