Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Bundle Up for the Great White North

Welcome to another month and another new theme on Gingersnap Creations! For December, in honor (or should I write honour) of our Canadian neighbors ("neighbours" up there), we are celebrating the Great White North*!

As it is the Winter season, we'll be playing with bleach and bleaching techniques to make some snow-white fun!

We've also got some great guests coming up! This month, Samantha Read and Terry Horrall will be joining us for the first time as Visiting Artists! Maria "Rinda" Ontiveros is returning as a Visiting Artist for December! All of these talented papercrafters will be joining the The Gingers with creating marvelous inspiration samples for our December challenges!

Once again, we have a packed month ahead of us with lots of great posts to keep us all busy through the holiday season:

~ our 4 regular challenges: Chestnut Theme, Spicy Supply, Random Redhead and Color

~ 4 great wrap-ups with more amazing Ginger Gem art and 4 new Home Page Artists

~ another wonderful column from our Contributing Artist, Jennie of The Artistic Stamper

~ a whole batch of new tutorials from Gingers Jo Capper-Sandon, Sharon Briss, Debby Boltman and Petra Berendsen

~ another great post from Contributing Artist, Lucy Edmondson

~ Alison Manning will put her own twist on one of our prior tutorials with a brand-new Technique Workshop

~ another fun Creative Connection will challenge you to craft it forward

and finally,

~ the Once in a Blue Moon Challenge returns with a surprise challenge from The Gingers

Checking in with our Gingersnappers

Our Yahoo Group, has been busy with our latest Art Exchange - Winter 4x4s!

Artwork by Laura

Artwork by Sarah

Artwork by Ali

Artwork by Petra

Artwork by Jean

Want to get in on our Art Exchanges for next year and not a Gingersnapper yet? Join our Yahoo Group and get in on the fun and the community!

We hope that you will join us for our month of winter wonder and bleached beauty!

*While we are going to concentrating on the more wintery and snowy elements of the Great White North this month, you can check out Ill Tempered Ink where you can find out lots more about Canada that has nothing to do with snow or hockey!


  1. Well, this challenge is just perfect for me. I LIVE in the Great White North! lol


Thanks for your wonderful words!

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