Saturday, February 26, 2011

Jules Eickmeier: Leafing and Foils

Want to add some pizazz and glam to a project? Leafing and foils can kick the project up more than just a notch. These are two of my favorite techniques for cards and tags.

Supply List

Duo Embellishing Adhesive by USArtquest
be. foil glue from Creative Imaginations
multi colored or gold leafing by Mona Lisa or Sepp Leaf Products
be foils from Creative Imaginations or 7 Gypsy
transparencies from office store
Hot Foil Pen from Staedtler

LEAFING can add such a touch of elegance to any project. I stamp images on the smooth side of transparencies that I get at an office supply store. On the reverse side, I paint on Duo adhesive where I want the leafing to show. I allow the adhesive to 'dry' clear. It will be tacky at this point.

Using tweezers, I place pieces of the leafing on top of the tacky adhesive and pat them into place. Once all the adhesive is covered, I put a piece of resist paper or waxed paper over the entire project, and go over the paper with a brayer to adhere the leafing. Then, I remove the release paper and gently brush off the excess leafing. With a soft "scrubber", go over the leafing gently in a circular manner and brush off any further extra leafing.

A word of caution: do not use leafing under a fan! Been there, done that, bye bye leafing!

Turn the stamped item over and use it on your card or project.

FOILS are an easy way to add glam to any project. There are two fool proof ways to use foils. The first way is to use Creative Imaginations foil kits. The be foil glue is a lot like Duo. The glue is applied to where the foil is to go and the glue is allowed to dry. Then sheets of foil are placed over the glued surface, adhered with a brayer or a bone folder and the excess removed.

The second method for applying foils is equally as easy. This method uses a stencil. Place the stencil over the sheet of foil with the color side up always with foils. Using the Hot Foil Pen, trace over the foil, making sure the light is red on the pen. Cover the entire surface of the stencil outline and VOILA! pretty foils.

Hoping you will try either or both of these lovely techniques on your next project.


  1. Thanks for the tutorial, I tried the gold leafing in the past and it did not adhere in all the places, it was patchy. I will definitely try your suggestions.

  2. Lovely tutorial Jules! Gives me one more technique to try! Stunning projects!

  3. Thanks for sharing your leafing techniques! Very pretty!

  4. That is really helpful thanks

  5. I haven't used gold leafing before, I have some in my cupboard and will give it a go. Thanks for the tutorial.


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