Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Wrap-Up - GC85: Hot Beverage

The submissions for the Hot Beverage Challenge were definitely hot stuff! Thanks to all who entered! Your art was steeped in creativity.

The randomly drawn Home Page Artist this week is

Debi Ryan
Stampin Up Roses

Congratulations, Debi. Your artwork will be showcased on the Home Page of the Gingersnap Creations Yahoo Group as well as on the sidebar on the blog.

Now onto our fabulous Ginger Gems. When each challenge closes, we also pick 10 Ginger Gems - fabulous creations that we feel really exemplify that challenge's objective. The Ginger Gems appear in a slide show in the blog sidebar for the entire week, as well as in this wrap-up post, and their creators have the honor of displaying this Ginger Gems blog badge.

For more information about Ginger Gems and entering our challenges, please visit the FAQ page.

Our Creative Cafe
Ginger Gems

Artwork by Genie

Artwork by Janita

Artwork by Maggie H

Artwork by Jan

Artwork by Yvonne

Artwork by Stamping Sue

Artwork by Claire C

Artwork by Rhonda

Artwork by Trisha too

Artwork by Wendy

Special Guest

Artwork by Terry
Visiting Artist December 2010

Congratulations to all our Ginger Gems this week! We hope you take a minute to stop by their blogs.

Come by tomorrow for a new Chestnut Theme Challenge.


  1. Wowzers! What amazing art! Congrats to Debi and all the Ginger Gems! Helene

  2. Woo hoo, thanks Gingers you've made my day :-)
    Congrats to Debi and the other Ginger Gems too
    Claire xx

  3. Thank you SOOOO much for featuring me as a Ginger Gem - I am tickled !!!

  4. gorgeous creations again, congratultions to the Gingergems

  5. Oh wow!! thanks so much for picking me as a Gingergem you have brightened my day Whoo Hoo- see me jumping up and down :-)
    Congrats to Debbie your card is beautiful and to all the other Gingergems great art congrats.

    Maggie x

  6. Congrats Debi, very beautiful! And congrats to all the Gingergems, great work!

  7. Congrats to all the Ginger Gems, wonderful work you all!

  8. Congratulations Debi and all the wonderful Ginger Gems. Annette x

  9. Congratulations, everyone! And thank you, Gingersnaps----Yay!!!!!


  10. Congratulations to Debi and all the Ginger Gems! The artwork is just outstanding.

  11. Love that piece of Janita's! So rich and interestingly done! Nice!
    Rose McGuinn
    at Plush Possum Studio


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