Monday, March 7, 2011

Jennifer Ingle: Altered Book Cover Tutorial

This is Jingle here with a fun tutorial for you! Since this month we are celebrating the World of Work, I thought an altered book cover would be a great choice! Of course, we are going to make it all pretty so by the end of it we forget about work altogether and just play with art! YAY!

Step 1

Begin by gathering a few supplies you may use for your project. For the base, you will need an old book cover (mine came from an old encyclopedia). Also, I have collected some bits and bobs that I may or may not use in the creation of my piece. This just gives me a nice jumpstart and allows me to have several coordinating pieces at my fingertips as I create.

Step 2:  Layer papers

Once you have your supplies collected you can layer some desired papers to create the background. Be sure to use an adhesive that is strong and will allow you to build layers. I chose Perfect Paper Adhesive. I LOVE that stuff!

Step 3:  Stamp images on tea bag

Next, stamp your images onto tea bag paper. I used Skipping Stones Design's Heartsong set for this piece. If you have never stamped on tea bag paper before you are in for a treat! It is so fun to use! Simply empty a used tea bag and lay the unfolded paper out to dry and then stamp away!

Step 4:  Adhere tea bag

Apply a coat of adhesive where you want to place your tea bag and spread the glue evenly with your fingers. It may not go to the edges of the tea paper and that is totally okay.

Step 5:  Add embellishments

Once that is adhered you can have some fun! Add lace, trim, and embellishments as desired until you are happy with the layout of the piece.

Step 6:  Ink Away!

Using Distress Inks, now you can add ink to highlight various areas of your mixed media piece.

Step 7:  Punch holes

Using a strong tool like a Crop-a-Dile or a Dremel, punch holes in the top of the piece and add ribbon to hang.

Step 8:  Add ribbon to complete!

Complete your piece with a pretty ribbon to hang and you are done! See...I told you it wouldn't actually FEEL like work by the time we finished! Just say'n.

Thanks for following along! And Happy Creating!!!!

Jingle Out.


  1. This is a lovely piece Jingle, thanks for sharing. ~Diane

  2. this came out great! Love the idea of tea bag paper & can't wait to try it. Thanks for sharing

  3. Such a lovely project!THis very afternoon I'm going to try to upcycle my tea bag! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Darling hanging Jingle and have to add I've never tried the tea bag, what a great idea and its already distressed! TFS

  5. great tutorial - and also another use for a tea bag! thanks for sharing

  6. I'm about to go drag a teabag out and try it! Fab project - thanks for sharing


  7. Great work, Jingle, very inspiring!

  8. Super gorgeous what you've done:)

  9. Great piece Jingle! Thanks for the wonderful tutorial.

  10. Oooooh this looks like my kind of fun, off to make a cuppa and recycle tea bag lol; Thanks for sharing :-)

  11. Just so charming and fresh!

  12. Great tutorial, I love the tea bag idea it creates such a fun vintage look!

  13. Wonderful project! I never thought of or heard of stamping on a "used" tea bag! How cool is that? I love to recycle. I do like the Heartsongs set--good choice. I have recently seen many cards created with it. It's quickly becoming popular. :)

  14. This is terrific! Will try the tea bags. Your work is great, just say'n!

    Lucy x

  15. Wow! Stunning piece Jingle! x

  16. Beautiful work! Who would have thought you could use a tea bag. Now I can't wait to try using some ! Thanks for sharing the tutorial.


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