Sunday, March 20, 2011

Jennifer Ingle: Hop! Hop! Hop! A Mixed Media Pillow Hanging

Ah, yes. It's me, Jingle. Again. Yup. Comin' at ya with another fun tutorial. AND....since we started talking about this whole world of work thing, I've just been reminded how much work makes me need a nap! HA! SO, alas, we shall create a cute little pillow wall hanging today by stamping on fabric and basically creating cuteness! K? K. Let's get started!

Hop (Supplies)

For starters, you will need a couple pieces of muslin slightly larger than the image you wish to stamp and then one colored print for the edge accent. Mine is a Samantha Walker fabric. You also need an ink that will stamp well on fabric, I went with Momento Desert Sand. And, of course, a stamp of choice! I used a super fun giant rabbit couple from 100 Proof Press!

Hop (stamp image on muslin)

Begin by stamping you image clearly on one panel of muslin.

Hop (Create a Fabric/batting sandwich)>

Next, create a fabric sandwich with one piece of muslin on the back, then your colored fabric, then your batting, and then your stamped image muslin. I chose this order so the colored fabric would not show through the top layer behind my image.

Hop (Pin edges)

Pin the edges of your fabric sandwich to make the stitching easier.

Hop (Stitch around the edges)

Hand stitch all the way around the image with a contrasting thread color. Once you have finished the stitching you can trim the fabric edges with pinking shears to the width you like.

Hop (Ink Distress Edges)

Using Tim Holtz Distress Ink add ink all around the edges to darken them up a bit.

Hop (Add Embellishments)

Now comes the fun part! Add whatever embellishments strike your fancy! I chose a Tim Holtz pin, a couple of ribbon bows, and some Maya Road pins, along with some metal letters.

Hop (Stitch Ribbon to Back)

Stitch a ribbon to the back for hanging.


And there you have a fun little hanging piece! No, I guess it won't work so well for that after work nap, but still. It's fun. Just say'n.


  1. Love it, such a great idea. Sorry for being a bit thick but what is batting - is it wadding to puff the shape out?
    luv and hugs {brenda} xoxox

  2. This is such a fantastic idea, love it! The stamp is amazing.

  3. Aaawww, this is adorable! It would look just right on the doorknob, you know, of the closed door behind which you are napping! Yep, that's it. Wonderful tutorial, and a great spring project!

  4. That is too cute and so easy!! What I love is that you make it sound so easy to stamp on fabric. I have had fabric to stamp on forever and just couldn't get my courage up enough to stamp on it. I think I can now. My only request of you is... could we see your finished piece hanging in all it's glory??? I think I could get a better idea of the finished look. Thanks for taking the fear out of stamping on fabric, Jingle!!!


Thanks for your wonderful words!

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