Monday, March 14, 2011

Petra Berendsen: Small-Scale Doodling

After Sharon's introduction to Zentangles and her excellent book review, I started to look more into the art of doodling. I realised very quickly that I feel quite a bit intimidated by the idea of filling large empty sheets of paper with patterns. But doodling on a small scale, filling every available empty space on scrap paper and shopping lists ... now, this is FUN.
Most of the time I don't really have a plan what to do with the zentangles afterwards - I start and only decide later.

To get the best drawing results I prefer to use slightly thicker paper (preferably watercolour paper as the micropen ink doesn't bleed on this paper) and various thickness of micropens. The doodle patterns can really be anything you can think of - geometrical, little flowers, twirls, white spaces .... and much more.
The following doodles are examples I created recently

random freehand doodle pattern

The size of the pattern is less than A6. It is drawn in a random fashion using two different micropens. After deciding to use the pattern on a card, I cut the pattern into inchies and arranged them on my card using Sharon's sketch for March

freehand doodle lines

These are random patterns arranged in lines on a piece of scrap paper and cut into small strips of about 1.5 cm width. I wove the strips into a square and built a little frame with patterned paper around it

doodling within small stamped (or freehand drawn) outlines

These are small flower stamps from the Artistic Stamper which can be so quickly and easily filled with any pattern you fancy and which make great embellishments when cut out ...

... and maybe even coloured

If you have not doodled beforehand, small-scale doodling is a perfect way of getting started. It is easy, it is quick and the results will be amazing ... I cannot wait to see YOUR doodles! Petra.


  1. Petra, I love the creations you made using your hand drawn tidbits! Beautiful!

  2. Great "article" - I would have been too "scared" to try this in case it looked unartistic LOL!!! But I think I would give it a go now - same with the Zentangles! Thank you!!

  3. What great ideas you have had here, I love doodling and did do a couple of zentangles a while ago - but nothing as structured as this, I love them!

  4. Great Doodle Ideas, the finished sketch card has turned out very well, too!

  5. Fabulous doodling Petra and love the black and white designs combined with bright colours, very striking.

  6. These are awesome, I never would have dreamed to do this.

  7. This is great Petra, never thought about using a stamp for doodling, so am off to have a doodle now. Annette x

  8. You have done a wonderful job creating beautiful cards with your doodling. Love the flower stamps filled in and then colored.


  9. Great tutorial, Petra, and beautiful cards as a result! I love the idea of doodling inside of stamped line images like that flower - I am definitely going to try that!

  10. Awesome idea using a stamp as your foundation... gonna try this... thank you Petra

  11. Fabulous tutorial! I will certainly try my hand at this! Thank you for the inspiration!

  12. great tutorial as always - sadly I have been doodling a lot recently (find my self doing it in business meetings ) not good - and I really have been enchanted by Zentangles, and now I can see myself doing this with stamps too

  13. Love the idea of doodling inside a stamped image! Thanks for sharing!

  14. Great tutorial, Petra! Love the idea of doodling with stamps!! I've been intrigued by Zentangles for over a year now and still haven't tried it. You've inspired me to put pen to paper! :)


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