Saturday, April 2, 2011

April Muse Showcase: Juliet Arrighi

We would like to welcome our April Muse and long-time Gingersnapper, Juliet Arrighi. Juliet is well-known is swap circles and she is famous for her imaginative and fabulous Artist Trading cards. There is an amazing adventurous spirit innate in all her work!

Whether making inchies, digital art, ATCs or cards, Juliet has a distinctive style and a fabulous sense of design which always shines through. A master of both Zetti and Zentangle, Juliet has an amazing range to her work. One can definitely say that Juliet has papercrafting down from ATC to Zetti.

We'll let Juliet take it from here and tell you about herself and how she became a stamper.

My name is Juliet Arrighi, and I was tricked into becoming a rubber stamper. I started off creating digital art with Paint Shop Pro almost 9 years ago, tiring of the canned images that came with Print Shop. I fell in love with making sig tags and web graphics, and I found drawing with vectors to be much more rewarding than doodling with a pen, but no one was interested in anything I made once I printed it out.

Soon after my family moved here to the greater Washington D.C. area, I was invited to a stamping party. The light finally came on. The problem wasn’t my art; it was the presentation. I learned about layers and textures and fibers, and started layering my digital creations with designer papers and ribbons.

I started going to stamp camps in order to get access to more interesting tools without the outlay of cash. Then the nice stamping demo pointed out that if I joined her hostess club, I would get the stamp camps for free. How could I resist?

Still, digital was my great love. I spent a short time designing websites, complete with graphics, for various businesses and non-profits, and I also did some freelancework for Spirit magazine. I spent a couple of years doing digital scrapbooking until my kids (4 of them, ranging in ages from 28 to 14) discovered FaceBook; for some reason there was never a high resolution photograph on my computer after that.

Rubber stamping was boring to me until I found Technique Junkies. I stopped looking at rubber stamps as a cheap method of reproducing images and starting seeing them as specialized brushes with which to apply various media.

The textures and colors I was achieving with the techniques began to overshadow what I was doing with my software, and I became a true papercrafter. I am amused at the recent interest in printable digistamps and collage images – I guess I was ahead of my time.

I really do not need that many greeting cards (although I single-handedly supply the hospitality committees of my Red Hat group and my bowling league), so I started doing artist trading cards (ATCs).

When I realized that I wanted to keep more of what I was making, and work at different sizes, I tried art journaling and inchies. When I find myself creatively blocked, I head to Feline Playful for a challenge.

There is always a new material to work and a new style to try – I love being an artist!

To see more of Juliet's magnificient art, check out her blog - Ballpoint Bliss!

Juliet will be sharing some of her creative techniques with us throughout the month!

All artwork in this post was created by Juliet Arrighi.


  1. Great work, and lots of new inspiration here. Looking forward to seeing more!

  2. I think you could be a writer as well! Loved reading about your creative journey and look forward to traveling with you a bit here at Gingersnap Creations! Helene

  3. Wow! What a great variety of projects and techniques! Can't wait to see more inspirational artwork from Juliet! :)

  4. Loved reading about your journeys and such exciting journeys at that. Looking forward to seeing loads more of your work here at Gingersnap Creations. Annette

  5. Wow, so many different and wonderful creations!

  6. WOW Juliet, it was so good to hear your artistic story!!! I also never realized you were a gingersnapper!! I can't wait to see more of your art!

  7. Juliet is quite awesome. April shall be a wonderful month! xo


Thanks for your wonderful words!

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