Thursday, April 7, 2011

Jules Eickmeier: Hawaiian Shirt

We are having a pool party towards the end of this month and I wanted to send cute but simple invitations. The little Hawaiian shirts are mounted on pins and coated with Golden Gel Matte Medium so they can be worn as well as serve as a decorative element on the invitations.

These little shirts only take a couple of minutes to make.

1. Cut 4x4 inch squares from flowered pattern paper or stamp a flowery pattern onto card stock. I used double sided papers from Basic Grey to get a more tropical feel to the shirts.

2. With the shirt pattern paper facing downward, fold two sides to meet in the middle and crease.

3. Mark the middle of the long sides and fold the two inside pieces outward from the middle mark to form the sleeves of the shirt (see photo).

4. Turn the paper over and fold the bottom up to meet the top. Fold the inside tops outward to create the collar of the shirt. Glue the front to the back, add a small button and attach the pin back.

These little shirts can also be used on layout and other projects and, done in a much larger size could become an invitation by themselves. I would love to see how you use these!.


  1. Too cute! Thank you :) Connie

  2. This is great - I've made a lot of these little shirts and used on cards before - they are great for new baby cards! I love paper folding!

  3. These shirts are lovely, look good on masculine cards too!

  4. How cute!! Thanks for showing us how to make them! I love paper folding techniques too!

  5. This is the first time I've seen this style shirt before - very cool!

  6. Oh My! Love the little shirt!!! I found your blog on my "recommended" through my google reader and will be taking a look around. Really like what I see so far!

  7. So cute, Jules--thank you for the tutorial!


  8. Oh, such good fun, love the shirt - and the sentiment. Thank you for sharing the tutorial.


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